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Thread: Kylie and Dannii Minogue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stella Galaxy View Post
    I'm not a great fan of Saint Kylie - but that raised eyebrow scares the shit outta me!

    Cut the plastic surgery - ditch the Scissor Sisters rip offs - find a bloke, get fat and have babies. In short Kylie get a fecking life like the rest of us. Stop whining "I can't keep a man, I had breast cancer and I'm nearly 40".

    I'm 43 years old with bowel cancer - but I do have a husband, child and don't need botox (well at least not in my opinion").

    Eat that Kylie!

    Sorry to hear that. Hope everything goes well for you. " sends positive thoughts through screen"......

    "random snapshots used as connective tissue to create a relationship"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    This is such a bad picture. Kylie looks like a corpse that has been "made up" for a funeral/showing.

    It would have been a good look for the "Wild Roses" filmclip. Nick Cave would have dug the corpse look.
    beauty is only skin deep (where's the scalpel?)

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    that is a really bad photo

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    PS or not, Danii is beautiful in that pic!

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