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Thread: Are facial fillers safe to use around the eyes?

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    I had fillers once. Near two years ago....Now I have the most attractive lumps under my skin. I think they go well with my sunken face...I love the way they feel like balls in my cheeks... and to think it only cost me $1600..( Seriously not the best idea.)
    Jack I swear.

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    I had lip filler done, with explicit instructions to NOT end up looking like Lisa Rinna or a Real Housewife. For real, I insisted on a very light hand, and only to the top lip (she tried talking me into "just a little" on the bottom, but I held firm bc my bottom lip is already very full.) Looked good and lasted a long time, 6+ months.

    No way would I trust anyone to inject shit around my eyes though, I don't care how proven their skills are.
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    I think I'd just get a new face altogether. This one is wore the fuck out.
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    I know how you feel Sylkyn
    Free Charmed.

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