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Thread: Botox

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    Just got back from last assignment so I am late to the party. I know i should travel with a computer but oh well. So this last round i included the frown lines and eyes so 11 needles i think, and I paid 684 out of pocket and had 20 bucks off being a brilliant distinctions member. When i go for my 3rd round i will include the forehead. My forehead really doesnt bother me. I have one faint forehead line but i was told you start before it bothers you. So it will still be under 1k for all 3 sites and after seeing results its well worth the money. The frown lines kicked in faster. By day 3 I could not frown and ended up laughing and laughing cause I could not look mean. also again barely any pain. the needles were a tiny itty bitty scratch from a cotton ball on the right side. but i guess some people act like needles are straight up torture so maybe my experience was cause i dont care about needles at all. My left nerves must be dead cause again did not feel the left side at all. the first round also lasted as long as they said it would. about 2 weeks before the 3 month mark I noticed it wearing off.

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    OMG...$1k?! i guess i started at the right time because as i said, it was $225 ish to do both myself and my husband.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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