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Thread: Lisa Vanderpump's Surprised Look

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    Default Lisa Vanderpump's Surprised Look

    I'm not good at discerning specific cosmetic procedures, and I have been studying this picture of Lisa trying to figure out what is going on. On the one hand Lisa has the "alert" look of someone who just had work done, but I gotta say that the skin on her face looks good - not too tight or shiny. I am wondering if that is a true representation of her face or camera trickery.


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    ^^^ I think it's a combo of good make-up and flattering light. The guy's skin looks just as even and toned. No redness or visible stubble anywhere, even though he has a visible shadow. It looks like it was probably taken with a lower resolution camera, not quite as crisp as the ones now that show every speck of powder or facial hair. Not sure what you're trying to figure out, though. Whether she's had work done recently or in general?

    ETA: If she's had something done, it's minor and looks like it was done well. I think that "surprised" look fades after a few weeks, so it might be easier to tell what's different when it settles a bit more. I'd say injections around the eyes and possibly something by her jaw/mouth. Her forehead always looks pretty smooth to me.

    ETA 2: This is the sharpest photo I could find of her skin:
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    For anyone who's watched the shows or's good angle. She's a good looking older woman but she gets a lot of help from PS (photoshop).
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    She's a pretty woman. Was she an actress? She has a Jackie Bisset look. She looks her age which is never a bad thing in my book. I'd put her at 45 to 51. Eyes a little lidded, neck a little necky, hair a little over processed. She'll remain pretty if she doesn't get filled up and distorted.

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    ^ I agree. She is less pretty the more she puffs her face up.

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    yeah, but the guy next to her is about 20 years younger and has more facial lines and creases. She's for sure done something.

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