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Thread: Tom Ford: ‘I’ve decided to age,' no Botox or Fillers since birth of son Jack

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    Default Tom Ford: ‘I’ve decided to age,' no Botox or Fillers since birth of son Jack

    Tom Ford on why he stopped getting Botox after becoming a dad | Mail Online

    'I've decided to age': Tom Ford on why he stopped getting Botox after becoming a dad

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Published: 11:11 EST, 2 June 2014 | Updated: 15:26 EST, 2 June 2014

    Tom Ford has revealed that he stopped receiving Botox treatments following the birth of his son Jack.

    In an interview with WWD, Mr Ford said: ‘I’ve decided to age. Since we’ve had Jack I haven’t had a Botox injection or a filler. I haven’t had time.’

    Mr Ford and his husband Richard Buckley welcomed Jack in September 2012 – an experience Mr Ford says ‘has really changed me.’

    Aging gracefully: Fashion designer Tom Ford, who has revealed that he no longer gets Botox injections, pictured with a more relaxed-looking forehead at last month's MET Ball

    Botoxed to the nines: Mr Ford pictured with a noticeably taut face in 2007

    ‘I’m not sure how to articulate it,’ he added, elaborating: ‘A lot of things I cared about before I don’t care as much about anymore.’

    The 52-year old fashion designer, who will be presented with the CFDA’s Lifetime Achievement Award at tonight’s ceremony, says that his level of success is among the categories to take on a less priority following Jack’s entrance into his life.

    He explained: ‘It has damaged — no, damaged is the wrong word. It has minimized my ambition a little bit, my ambition in business, my ambition in having a beautiful house.

    ‘It has become the most important thing in my life. Everything else has had to recede, including my appearance. I don’t care about it. I care about being successful. I just don’t care about any of it as much. You can’t.’

    Just five years ago Mr Ford was an avid fan of Botox, admitting in 2009 that he’s usually ‘not even able to frown’, during an interview for The Advocate.

    The then 48-year-old, who was promoting his directorial debut for A Single Man at the time, added: ‘But my last injections are wearing off a bit and I am able to frown right now.

    Changing paces: Tom Ford (pictured with husband Richard Buckley in 2004) says he has stopped receiving botox and injectable fillers following the birth of his son Jack

    ‘I'd never get a full face-lift, though. Face-lifts on men are a disaster. But I'm a firm believer in Botox and Restylane. Absolutely. Why not?’

    Mr Ford married his partner of 27 years, former fashion editor Richard Buckley, just before Jack’s delivery, something he attributes to the fact that the couple ‘didn’t want Jack to be a bastard.’

    The following year, Mr Ford revealed just how much he relished being a dad, telling ‘I feed him in the morning, I change his diaper, I dress him, I play with him, and I have a good two-to-three hours before I go to the office, just me and Jack.’

    The designer’s lifetime achievement will be granted based on his career’s worth of work for labels including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as his namesake brand Tom Ford, which was established in 2006 with the launch of an eyewear collection.

    Mr Buckley, who was the editor of WWD when the two met, will present the award.

    Read more: Tom Ford on why he stopped getting Botox after becoming a dad | Mail Online
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    He is one smooth motherfucker.
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    Dayum he's fione.
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    I like men to have wrinkles and lines. Smooth makes me stare at them and think they look just wrong. I see so many male decorators filled up and puffed up and I roll my eyes.
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    weaslemania. Does he use a tampon as well?
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    I didn't know he and his partner had a baby. They're so adorable. And I'm a little jealous of his husband. Tom is very a handsome man and I love his style/fashion lines

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    They've been together for 27 years? How old is Tom Ford? (off to google)

    ETA - Born August 1961. Makes him 52. They've been together since he was 25...good for them.

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    There are several anti-aging tips that look pretty sound. I’ve taken note of these. I hope they help.
    Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. - Kahlil Gibran

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    ^ that doesn't go with your signature.

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    Maybe beauty will be in the face if it's actually in the face.
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    He's gorgeous...just not super up close. THose first few photos are scary.

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