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Thread: What are you currently reading? (2.0)

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    Kardashians an American drama by Oppenheimer

    Its interesting and hasn’t pulled any punches so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay -Elena Ferrante, the mysterious secret writer.

    It's the third of the Neopolitan novels and they've been brilliant. I also loved her The Days of Abandonment.

    Based on the books I've read I'd guess it's a woman. Just a feeling. But as far from chick lit as one can go. A lot of anger there.
    i finally got round to starting this series. i'm almost done with book 2 and totally hooked. they're pretty magnificent so far. i'm pretty sure she's a woman too although i remember reading in the atlantic not too long ago a theory that "elena ferrante" was actually a composite and the writers were a couple (a novelist and translator, both of whom have been suspected of being ferrante).
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