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Thread: The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Neffenegger

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    honestly, not really.
    i read it after a bunch of people i know raved about it. i could never warm to her writing style and though i liked the character of the time traveler, i can't say the same for his wife.
    also, it's full of inconsistencies and by the time i was half way through, i wanted it to be over already.

    she's not much of a writer IMO... it's not horribly bad like the twilight books but it's nothing artful. i'd say it's similar to janet fitch's writing (white oleander). competent, but that's it.

    it's a good premise/story but not a great book by any stretch of the imagination. i think it's one of those rare cases where the movie can actually be better than the book.
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    thanks sput.
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    I just received the book after ordering it through Doubleday, and decided to let my friend read it first. We already saw the movie and really liked it, so hopefully the book won't be a disappointment.
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    I just finished it 2 days ago, and it was just an "eh" book for me. It started out promising, but kept getting worse and worse. By the time the last few pages came, I was so over it the ending didn't bother me at all.
    I would say that I like Henry as a character. He seemed like he had a personality that could actually be realistic.

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