1. Do you read alot? Yes - and if I get really into it I won't stop until I finish it, often at 3am. The house goes dirty, the kids starve, damp laundry festers in the machine until I finish the damn book.

2. What type of book do you prefer? No preference but I enjoy biographies and well-written crime novels. Sorry, but I can't handle chic-lit trash, even on holiday.

3. How many books do you own? I dare not count, but several hundred.

4. Do you buy books or do you get them from the library? I tend to impulse buy and can't walk past a book shop without buying at least 2 books.

5. Who's your favorite author? Nobody in particular, so long as they write well I don't care.

6. Do you earmark the page to keep track of where you are or is that a big no-no for you? Shameful confession, yes I'm afraid I turn the corner of the page down (unless it's a really expensive hardback or reference book)

7. Do you prefer hardback or paperback? Paperbacks are cheaper and more comfortable to read in bed.

8. Are you a member of a book club? Yes, and we've read some fabulous books I wouldn't otherwise have known about.