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Thread: Ever notice how weird authors are?

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    Thats true, i've always been an introvert, and I've always written stories and things in my spare time. Being an author appeals to me because then i wouldn't have to work with other people. I'm happy being on my own, and writing like Danielle Steel or Jackie Collins for example is my idea of a dream job.

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    Yeah a lot of writers are weird but weirdness make interesting stories and ideas. It's not all that bad and it's a gift and a curse for some.
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    You'd be surprised at how NOT weird Stephen King is. Seriously. He is such a nice, kind, fun man. I swear to God.

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    Well, perhaps Stephen King is the exception that proves the rule.

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    Well, Stephen King LOOKS weird, so there you go. And oh my god his books ramble on. I feel like saying "stop drinking red cordial bitch! i'm trying to understand this story mofo"

    Quote Originally Posted by acinodras View Post
    If this is the kind of stuff I can count on in your book, consider me a guaranteed sale.
    LOL thankyou.

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