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Thread: Charlaine Harris' latest Sookie book info is up!

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    I would have still enjoyed the Sookieverse and the series if Charlaine hadn't written the books while taking a shit. She put such little thought into the last few. I had to finish the series because that's how I am. Gotta know how it ends.

    I won't buy this one and I won't read any of her other series.
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    My Suckie/Harper Connolly books are still at my old place. I couldn't bring myself to bother packing them up. I can't even pretend that they ended with the ninth book because I know what a shower of printed shite came next and that just spoils the whole thing for me. A lot of the people I still talk to won't read the fanfic any more, not even the stuff where people have rewritten the ending of the series.

    I'm also with you that I won't be bothering with anything else she writes Kris. After reading the spoilers/comments for the last couple of books I decided not to buy them and felt that I couldn't trust her as an author any more, and her attitude and money-grubbing ways since then has only strengthened my resolve.
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