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Thread: 'Cathy' Comic Strip Ends After 34 Years

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdeb View Post

    this far side comic has been my favorite forever.
    This was posted in my 7th grade classroom. A few of us had great laughs watching the rest of the kids work it out.

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    In celebration of the strip ending in a week this site has put up the first week of Cathy. Reading this I can only wonder how it became a daily strip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NVash View Post
    Think that was Family Circus, Im not sure. I think I know what you mean. They wrote the whole thing and said they wanted to redo it and are now making subtle changes.
    If 'Family Circus' Didn't Suck |
    This made me laugh very loudly.
    The Nietzsche Family Circus
    It led me to this oddly. Nietzsche and Family Circus, who would have thought?

    The SciPunk Center: For Better or Worse comic strip reboot
    I was wrong, it was For Better Or Worse.
    that link about Family Circus was the funniest thing I have ever seen. *resumes cleaning off screen *

    Hot Slut Of The Day! | Dlisted
    Sunday, October 3rd 2010
    Hot Slut Of The Day!

    Cathy Andrews Hillman - After 35 years and millions of ACK!s, Cathy the comic strip is hanging up its heart shirt and ending an era today.
    Whether you loved her ass or hated her, Cathy has been a part of most (I think) of our lives. Don't act like your co-worker/teacher/mother/probation officer didn't have a Cathy mug, desk calendar or vibrator cozy. Cathy is everywhere! I never really spent time with Cathy, but I always felt for her. It must suck not having nostrils. That explains why she's always crossed in the eye sand AACK!ing through the mouth. Bitch can't breathe!
    Anyways, below is the final Cathy strip which ran this morning. And of course, it ends with Cathy announcing that she's SPAWNING! A whole new generation of AACK!s is coming at us. Hide your newspapers! Not since Rosemary's Baby.....
    Posted by: Michael K

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