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Thread: Carrie Bradshaw's teen years revealed

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    So Candace Bushnell needs an influx of cash? Or she's run out of new ideas? Or both? Snore. (By the way, anyone ever read the original book? It was one cold, dead fish of a read.)
    considering most of bushnells novels have been ripped off from edith wharton and jane austen i have to wonder how original her ideas were in the first place. SATC was not a novel but a collection of bushnell's columns. she has a good eye but original, not really.

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    Bushnell is a horible, horrible writer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caramel View Post
    Don't they realise that Carrie was the most irritating person in the series. No one is interested in idiotic neurotic trying to be cute but still ugly as fuck wrinkled big nosey too self sentered woman.

    They should make a book about samantha as a teen, that would be fun.
    Now that's a book I'd read. Samantha was the only character who was any fun at the end.
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    This sounds like a rip-off of Gossip Girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i am so sick of the sex and the city franchise. and i never understood the cult-like following it developed or why people i knew would get into such a frenzy over it.
    the series was ok, and even pretty good, the first few seasons. but then the series got progressively worse. and the movie was a fucking joke and took what little substance the series had and threw it out the window and turned the whole thing into a retarded, girlie explosion of lace and shoes and slapstick humour. lame.

    I am in complete and total agreement with every word. Well put.

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    Default Sex and the City (9780446617680): Candace Bushnell: Books
    The original book sucked but somehow got a series. That series on TV that everyone knows and loves went on and became a whole different animal. The Carrie Diaries (9780061728914): Candace Bushnell: Books
    Case in point? If youre a fan of the show dont expect this book to be consistent with it. It is out and apparently not half bad.

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