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Thread: Books on your shelves that you've never read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eli View Post
    OMG what a story I have to tell! Well not that big really. Some twat told me to read LOTR so I started but it honestly bored the buggery out of me for reasons a lot of people will understand. But he didn't understand, he got in a rage and told me off for being illiterate (this coming from a guy who doesn't understand the complexities of To Kill A Mockingbird ) and said that it was my loss. I told him that it really truly wasn't my loss, in fact it was my gain of 50 hours of struggling through something I knew I'd never like. Needless to say we don't talk anymore.
    Even my grandmother said that she tried reading The Hobbit but couldn't get past page 50. And that really shocked me.

    Anyway I have about 50 books I haven't read yet. I buy more books than DVD's these days. There's The Stand, incomplete. Atonement, same. Eclipse, working on. Catch 22, can never get into it. And a shitload more.
    Oh I am so with you. I tried to read the Hobbit on more than one occasion (mostly to impress cute guys in middle school...I have no shame). I could never get past chapter 3. It was so dull to me. And as I mentioned in a previous thread, Catch 22 was one of the dullest books I have ever attempted to read in my life.

    For me, the only book that I can think of that I have always wanted to read but still haven't gotten around to it is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I have been attempting to read it practically my entire life (since I picked it up when I was around 12 or 13). I'm 26 now and still haven't made it past chapter 1. It seems that every time I pick it up something forces me to put it down.
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    Count me in on those who tried to read the Hobbit and the rest of those but couldn't make it past the first chapter or two. Mr butt keeps telling me that it gets better but damn, I just don't care. I'm not really into fantasy in the first place. It just makes me laugh usually.
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