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Thread: Books you always re-read

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    alex: the life of a child - about a girl with Cystic Fibrosis. Written by Frank DeFord. very sad, but inspiring book.

    angel unaware by Dale Evans. gave birth to a child w/Downs.

    i think i'm a glutton for punishment

    Brighty of the Grand Canyon

    Death of Diana
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    Anything by Henry Rollins, if I'm feeling all alone and pissed off in the universe.
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    Harry Potter series .. and pretty much any Jane Austen book.

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    Drown by Junot Diaz. I have seriously read that joker 120 times. It's a compilation of short stories but it's so raw and beautiful written. If you're into prose, check it out. It's fantastic. He has a new book out too.

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    I'll check out Henry Rollins, thanks...
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