The Da vinci code was a huge exit because we people like what hidden is. it awakes our...our interests, I simply loved the book. I read it all in 2 days. I almost ate it(if it weren't for my parents whith whom I had to share it). The book is written so good, you just can't leave it out of your hand. I like the idea, that Jesus was simply one of us. I won't denie what the Bible says. I only meen that , if Jesus would have been a normal human, with children and a wife and all regular stuff, He would have been more closer to us. That's what I feel. By the fact that religion is considerd to be sacre, many people(because of not knowing) get scared and do not trust. everybody may or may not believe, but I think the idea of God would become much more familiar with people if they wouldn't see Jesus as somethin unreachable, but a human very close to them. even if the Da Vinci ciode is a big fat lie, I will still admire Dan Brown for his art and work.