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Thread: A Separate Peace

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    Default A Separate Peace

    I love this book. I liked reading about the friendship between Gene and Finny because I don't think it's very common to hear about guys having such deep friendships. Does anyone else have any thoughts on it?

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    I probably read this when I was too young to appreciate it. I read it for class like, freshman year of high school and I hated it with a passion. I could barely finish it and wound up purchasing the Cliffs Notes because I didn't absorb most of what was there.

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    Default Re: A Separate Peace

    I hated it too - I think I was in grade 11 when I read it. My teacher was way too in love with it, and I absolutely despised it, thinking it was dull and pretentious. Perhaps I should re-read it... though I think my taste is largely the same as then, ast least in terms of what I will dislike, lol.
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    I felt bad because of what happened to Finny, and I hated Gene for being such a woosy. But I haven't read it since junior high.
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