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    Default Fan fiction

    I know that some people here have to read it. Anyone? You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.

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    I used to read a lot of fanfiction, now I am only reading horrible Mary Sue fics, and mainly when I need an easy laugh.
    My favourite subjects are Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.

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    I tried to read some Lord of the Rings fan fiction a few years ago, but it was abominable. Most of it was from adolescent girls writing themselves into the story (this introduced me to the hilarious concept of 'Mary Sue'). They would make themselves the tenth member of the fellowship and either Legolas or Aragorn (usually Legolas) would fall in love with them because they are just so damned beautiful and charming and otherwise irresistible. They can fight better than Aragorn, do better magic than Gandalf, and are not at all tempted by the ring. They are just all around clever enough, wily enough and strong enough to single-handedly bring down Saruman. And of course they assassinate the character of Boromir by making him a would-be rapist or something.

    It made me hate fan fiction.

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    I used to read a lot of them, mainly X-men fan fiction about Gambit. Most of the writers now a days only write crappy romance novel type stories with him, so I stopped reading them.
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    At the moment my favourite fan fiction is based on Torchwood & Dr Who, admittly I like slash and Captain Jack is slashed with everyone I also like CSI fan fiction, as I like Gil/Nick stories and I also really like reading good, long, gen case fics. Try CSI Slash at least for some CSI stories. I'd suggest these 3 stories by Bj Jones - Forensics 101 & Forensics 102 & Forensics They are on the short side but I like them

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