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Thread: Paddington Bear celebrates 50th with a new book

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    Default Paddington Bear celebrates 50th with a new book

    Paddington Bear, the marmalade-loving refugee with an eye for adventure, is back for a birthday novel - his first new story in 30 years.
    The bear, who sneaked into the country from Peru in 1958 and landed at Paddington Station, will celebrate his 50th birthday later this year - remembering the day the Brown family discovered him in a pile of mailbags and took him home to begin a new life.
    Despite being a celebrity in dozens of countries and appearing in many television adaptations - even having a well-publicised recent fling with Marmite - Paddington has not been the focus of a novel since 1979.
    However a scrape with the police and a question over his refugee status sees the bear return to the limelight with 'Paddington Here and Now', written by his creator Michael Bond.

    Another fine jam: Paddington packs his bag for adventure

    Publisher HarperCollins said that Bond's new book celebrates the charm of the world-famous bear, but warns that life at Number 32 Windsor Gardens is considerably enlivened by the arrival of a mysterious stranger, who forces Paddington to consider where his "home" really is.
    The Guardian previously reported that Bond said there is "a bit of a kerfuffle", enough for the Brown family to "get worried (about his refugee status) after his visit to the police station.
    "There is this side of Paddington the Browns don't really understand at all," he continued, "what it's like to be a refugee, not to be in your own country".
    Bond was working as a BBC cameraman when a bear he bought in Selfridges for his wife on Christmas Eve inspired him to write the original novel, in which the Brown family adopt the homeless bear when they spot him amid a pile of mailbags at Paddington station.
    To date, Paddington books have sold more than 35 million copies worldwide and are available in more than 40 languages.
    HarperCollins Children's Books have been publishing Paddington stories from the beginning, and they will be publishing a variety of Paddington re-issues and new formats to celebrate the anniversary year.

    Paddington's actual birthday will be celebrated on June 25, while first publication of A Bear Called Paddington is marked for October 13.

    A website has been created to keep people informed about the anniversary year at 50 Years.

    Bear with us - Paddington celebrates 50th with a new book | Mail Online

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    When I was little, I remember my mom reading books about Paddington Bear and his adventures. I loved him!
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    i vaguely remember these books, from when i was little

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