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Thread: Anne Enright wins Booker prize

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    Default Anne Enright wins Booker prize

    Rank outsider Anne Enright has picked up this year's Booker prize for her novel The Gathering.

    Enright says she has barely had time to come to terms with her wins

    Born in Dublin in 1962, Enright worked as a TV producer before publishing her first collection of short stories, The Portable Virgin, in 1991.
    The Gathering is her fourth novel, and is narrated by Veronica Hegarty - who is prompted to delve into her family's history after her brother commits suicide. Despite a mere four hours sleep since winning the £50,000 prize, Enright talked to the BBC News website about her victory.

    The book is Enright's fourth novel

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | 'I tried not to imagine winning'

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    I believe they made this into a movie which just aired on Lifetime with Pete Gallagher. I didn't get to see it yet. Is it demonic?
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