I purchased this book a few days ago along with 'The Kite Runner' much for the same reasons. The ENDLESS buzz. From both high and low. This book even made BN's reccomended reading.

I dont quite know how i feel about this book. The title will certainly throw you. It's not exactly what you think it means, but at the same time it is.

It is the story of a Pakistani youth who aquires the 'American Dream' and shortly after 911 begins to question it, to say the least.............

If i can give this book props for anything, its being eloquently written. It was also an easy and short read. Ony 184 pages, when a book of this nature could have been endless and gone on forever, getting far too caught up.

I got the authors point. It was kind of a call to arms really, and i feel like there will be other books from this author-Mohsin Hamid-of the same kind.

My only complaint is the ending......he sure knows how to sell it.