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Thread: 1970's Teen Book name?

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    Default 1970's Teen Book name?

    I can't remember this books name and it's driving me crazy. I read it in the early 70's. It was about a young teen couple who lived in a trailer (or mobile home) and I think she got pregnant, they realized they were too young and went back to their families. I thought it was Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones, but that took place in the 50's.


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    No clue, but I have a list as long as my arm of books I read a long time ago, would like to re-read but cannot remember the title of. I think I just thought of a good thread.
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    A Bright Penny (the original title was Love is Never Enough) by Bianca Bradbury.

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    I loved Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones

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