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    Default Malcolm Muggeridge

    Some one made a passing reference to Brit journalist on one of the other threads. may have been regaurding Mother Therersa on the Religion forum. Anyone familiar with his work. I remember reading some of his stuff back in high school, but that wasn't yesterday.

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    BIO of Malcolm Muggeridge here.

    What little I mentioned about Malcolm Muggeridge was on a thread
    about Mother Teresa. He was brought up as a socialist and believed
    that religion was trash, but when he tried to critically dissect Christianity,
    he found that he couldn't, so be began a steady conversion in the

    From the link above:
    In addition to the writings of Christian mystics, he was profoundly influenced
    by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and her efforts on behalf of the forgotten
    people of the world. “Mother Teresa is, in herself,” he writes, “a living
    conversion; it is impossible to be with her, to listen to her, to observe what
    she is doing and how she is doing it, without being in some degree
    converted…” She is the subject of his book Something Beautiful for God.

    It seems Muggeridge made a film about her in 1969, and in it,
    she appeared to glow on the film. I haven't seen it -- indeed,
    I don't even know if it was filmed in b&w or color -- but
    Muggeridge, a blossoming Christian throwing off the shackles
    of cynicism, remarked that it was a kind of "holy light" around
    the Indian would-be saint.

    Christopher Hitchens has written extensively about what a fraud
    Mother T was an cites Muggeridge as a primary cause of the
    West's admiration for her. She never helped the poor do anything
    but convert to Catholicism, she made friends with the worst
    of dictators and capitalists alike
    , and she never built a single
    hospital in India, in spite of having at least $50,000,000 in
    one bank account in NYC at the time of her death.

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    My recollection of Malcolm M is that he was a smartarse communist intellectual who 'found God' via Mother Theresa (maybe that was her contribution to the world). Her work in India no doubt helped the untouchable outcasts (literally) in her care to benefit from a dignified and reasonably pain-free death, but the whole concept of Death in a Hindu culture is totally different to a Catholic ideal. Hindu's believe in reincarnation, Catholics believe in redemption and eternity in Paradise without putting in the hard work first via several lifetimes. Work it out.
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