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Thread: Ted Casablanca 06/27/08 One Privately Eased Blind Vice

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    I've been looking back through the clues - Nicole Kidman hasn't been notted. She's been the subject of anorexia rumours before but I'm not sure she fits this one.

    At the end of the day I think it's Jolie, but what if he's trying to make us think it's Jolie but it's actually someone totally unexpected?

    ETA: I've just gone through this whole thread and Kidman has only been mentioned a handful of times with no real follow-up. Also, she has siblings. Unfortunately I wouldn't consider her more 'mattress worthy' than Claire Danes, although I would call her more 'men's mag material' than SJP. Also, I have yet to see a red carpet interview with a lucid Kidman - she always comes across as jittery and high. That said, all the clues point to Jolie, but what if Ted's doing that on purpose simply because he hates Jolie or something?

    God I hate these BIs. They frustrate me.
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    I just went back and re-read this blind. The bit that stuck out to me was that "she has no intention of pulling a Belushi" which is why she's off the hard stuff, but then she plans on going back on it? I think Ted's pulling this out of his arse.

    That's not to say I'd be surprised if Angie was back on the gear.

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    Well, she is, once again, VERY VERY thin. The photos of her in Washington Hts, NY are really a bit scary. The other thing about her is she's almost like Posh Spice now... ROBOTIC and PLAIN and BLAND with no discernable sense of personal style or charisma that wasn't purchased or styled for her.

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