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Thread: Ted C.-One Fabulous Fagola Run-in Blind Vice-01/16/09

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    Dear Ted:
    I've been piecing together your clues—is Lloyd Boy-Toyed Ralph Fiennes?
    Hi from New York
    Dear Not So Finetastic:
    Lloyd isn't quite as dreamy as Ralph, sorry, darlin'. Maybe he used to be? Yeah, he sure did.

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    Dreamy... an actor who appeared something with 'Dream' in the title perhaps? 'Requiem for a Dream'.. 'Dreamgirls'..'Dreamcatcher'...? Ted frustrates the hell out of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinola View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jexxifer View Post
    From Ted today:

    Dear Ted:
    Your friend Lloyd Boy-Toyed sure sounds like Aaron Eckhart. Could he be good friends with our beloved Toothy?
    Dear Two Face:
    Our boy Lloyd is no big superhero. Maybe more of a villain?

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    Ted's not exactly ruling out Eckhart, is he? Eckhart didn't play a big superhero. His character did turn into more of a villain ...
    Yeah, I think that's not a no coming from Ted. Besides, Eckhart's name fits perfectly, and Ted says he always bases his made-up names off real names.

    Lloyd Boy-Toyed

    Aaron Eck-hart

    I was reminded of this blind when I was reading this post by Ted from yesterday:
    Even more predictable than the Oscar producers cutting to Brangelina during Aniston presenting, Heath Ledger (or rather his family) finally has his Best Supporting Actor trophy.

    "I'm very proud of The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger," gabbed Two Face himself, Aaron Eckhart, to us at an Oscar do.

    But we had to ask: Was the megahit totally snubbed out of the Best Picture race?

    "I don't think about things like that," a modest Eckhart tried to convince us. Well, why not?

    is the biggest blockbuster to come out of cineplexes since Titanic, and that movie racked up 11 Oscars. But Batman? One for Heath, one for sound editing—and that's it.

    Is this how we reward the most intelligent action flick to come around since, like, ever? A.E. shrugged, like, what the ef's he gonna say?

    "These awards can get a little too competitive or can be taken out of context," was all the explanation he was able to muster. Clearly, Billy Bob Thornton he's not. "The Dark Knight's a great movie, and I had a lot of fun making it."

    Would you have just as much of a gay ol' time a time making the next film in the franchise? We finally get a clear sequel status from the über-elusive Eckhart:

    "I'm waiting by the phone," Aaron told us. And it wasn't a joke. Hey, at least we know you'd be down to do it, and we'd be glad to have ya. Just hope for your sake when the call comes, Christian Bale isn't screaming on the other end of the line!

    Oh, and think Bitchy Bale's gonna so be back? Think again. More on that later today.

    Aaron Eckhart on Heath’s Win, Dark Knight’s Snub - E! Online

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    Jeremy Piven? He's very good friends with John Cusack (Lloyd's boy toy?) And he's a crank-a-thon, that's for sure. And he was born in 1965.

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    Lloyd Boy-Toyed = Michael C. Hall ?(Dexter, Six Feet Under)
    "I'm sorry, but I don't date ugly people."

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    Dr. McDreamy?

    Gen X and Gen Y would fit
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