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Thread: Ted C Blind Vice Terry Tush-Trade Has Everyone in a Tizzy! 07/09/10

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    kellan lutz is seriously fug. i can barely stand to look at pictures of him.

    annalynne hooking up with her sister has got to be made up because that is absolutely disgusting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs P View Post
    I liked your guess at first, but just read that McCord and Lutz have known each other for a long time.
    The Twilight hunk told America's KIIS FM host Ryan Seacrest: 'Oh. No. Never have been [a couple]. I've known her for six years and we met again on the set [of 90210], but we shot Abercrombie [catalogues] back in the day.
    Well I figured they were togther because every post on JustJared identifies her as his girlfriend. Also, just because he publicly denies they're together doesn't mean that's the truth; didn't that Cyrus girl deny she was in a relationship with her one of her ex's on Seacrest show?

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