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Thread: Ted C Blind Vice Sloppy Sexts Put Baller in Tiger Territory! 08/18/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnieD View Post
    Dear Ted:
    Please help me rest easy. Though it would be a miracle to buck all the rumors about Pepper Harthman, am I correct to think that this guy is an oversized jerk, despite any sainted family he may come from?
    —Miss Titanic Fan

    Dear Harth-Man Up:
    Yes, he is a mega-douche. Sleep well!

    Read more: Bitch-Back! Why's Witherspoon Acting So Wicked? - E! Online

    Didn't Archie Manning play for the Saints for many years??
    Over 10 years. And Pey-Pey lost the last Super Bowl to the Saints. Sadly Drew Brees has been eliminated, since the sainted clue could apply to him and Brees has started appearing in commercials for NyQuil with the theme of helping him "sleep well" so he can have a good day.

    Could the oversized jerk refer to Pey-Pey's massive five-head?

    Manning Face

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    I said this before but maybe some people missed my comment.When ted was answering someone's email he told them plenty of "naughty business"was going behind the harthman home and to "stay tuned".Weeks later the nypost reports eli's wife abbie is pregnant.

    Also the blind says something about the owners being worried about this getting out...implying its more than one owner.The giants are one of few teams with multiple ownership.

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