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Thread: Starlet with new case of herpes NYDN 01/14/07

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    Quote Originally Posted by prnjcq7 View Post
    I know a girl with a very similar story like this MrsDark. I totally agree!
    Me, three. Sad thing is, she confronted the guy and he denied having it. This was her first boyfriend and her first sexual experience. She's married now (to a different guy) and has three kids. Her husband does not have it. Kind of surprising. She had to be careful when she was pregnant and a lot of times have to have a c-section in order to not pass the virus to the baby. She didn't have a c-section with any of her children, so I don't know how a doctor determines the need to have one or not.

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    I thoug L.L. already had herpes, didn't she supposedly get it from Colin Farrell

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    Since we're all telling different Herpes stories, i'll go.

    My friend from high school had herpes HSV 1 not 2 i believe, but she did not sleep around at all, I dont even think she had sex yet. Anyway she 1st got a cold sore on her mouth and she touched it and then rubbed her eye, well a couple of weeks later she can't even open her eye in the morning its like glue shut from all the puss and stuff, anyway turns out she has Herpes in her eye and it can unfortunatly travel down your spine and to your nerve endings and so you can technically end up with genital herpes.

    Sucks for her, considering she is the biggest goody-goody

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