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Thread: One Fine-Print Prick Blind Vice from Ted Casablanca 10/24/08

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    this is so beckham

    Posh Spice, again. That’s a lot of “eating” in a 24-hour period, V. She was accompanied by yummy hub-unit David along with good friend Marc Jacobs. The crew seemed to be in fine spirits as they enjoyed a mellow dinner. Guess who else was there getting her sushi fix on? Recent divorcée Madonna.
    She came over at one point to say hello to the Beckham gang, ‘cause, you know, it’d be in such bad taste for one superstar to diss another. Let’s just hope Madge isn’t the relationship grim reaper, 'cause it’s been a while since we’ve seen Davey’s eye wander over his wife’s way.
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    It has to be Beckham. He has all but put it in neon lights.
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    Bumping this, because Ted had another blind on them.

    Anyone who knows one tiny bit about football knows that Beckham is one of the biggest stars in the history of the sport. His talent is legendary.

    Ted can't be that stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneSoda View Post
    Becks also lived in & played for Spain.
    You can't play for Spain if you're English honey. He was playing IN Spain for a Spanish league team (Real Madrid)

    I think it's Beckham. The hair and body references, the dumb wife, I've heard rumours about confidentiality agreements before with him...

    Becks be one of, if not the *most well known* football player in the world, but that certainly doesn't mean he's the best. He had a great patch at Man United, didn't set the world on fire at Real Madrid, and has been coasting on his laurels ever since.

    I'd disagree that his footballing talent is legendary, apart from the "bend it like Beckham" side of things. I will give him credit for THAT. His free kicks are awe-inspiring. The rest of it... not so much. He's not the bestest player EVER to grace a football pitch, by any stretch of the imagination, even though the clever PR spin and profile he has makes non-football fans presume he is that good to be that famous. And now that people are questioning whether LA Galaxy wasted their money bringing him to the US to play... maybe that's what the "medicore" clue is about.

    I think the clues in the BI and all the clues in the knock backs point to Becks. As does the article about whether Becks' US adventure is a disappointment, in footballing terms.

    He's also done bit part acting - that horrendous Goal film that had Real Madrid players in it, TV specials etc... more popping up as himself than acting per se.

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    Beckham may be huge in Europe, but he hasn't been able to crack the US.

    He did nothing to up the popularity of the Galaxy. They paid him a fortune for basically nothing, and the fans knew it.

    Describing his career as mediocre isn't a stretch.

    And after that whole Rebecca Loos fiasco, he'd be crazy not to cover his ass if he's running around on the wife.

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