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Thread: One Actor, Two Actresses... One Bed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch Stanton View Post
    Agreed on Woody and JLo.

    Rosie Perez would make the most sense for Actress 1, since she worked with JLo on In Living Color.
    and rosie worked with woody in 1992 doing 'white men can't jump'.

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    I clicked on the link to see if Blind Gossip updated the blind and it's been taken down. That's kind of odd to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterslide View Post
    I clicked on the link to see if Blind Gossip updated the blind and it's been taken down. That's kind of odd to me.
    That is odd. More or less the same item appeared on Crazy Days And Nights a few years ago tho...

    Today's Blind Items - Now That's A Threesome

    "I'm always fascinated when I hear about a couple hooking up that is so out of the realm of anything you could have imagined and then to hear about this threesome is something that took a few minutes to process. It happened back in the day although two of the three people involved are A list but back then only one of the three was A list and he just barely. Let me give you the cast of characters in this one. The two women are the same women just a few years apart. Not exactly the same woman because one is way louder than the other. #1 was a B list actress at the time. Now she is probably C+. She knew #2 from some work they had done together on a television show and #2 was starting to make a name for herself. Now she is an A list diva and likes to think of herself as someone who is multi-talented. Well, she was pretty talented back in the day according to #3 who is an A list mostly movie actor now from a huge huge movie franchise who used to be in a huge huge television franchise. #1 and #3 made a movie together and hooked up and a couple of times #2 came along for some threesome fun. #3 is not shy about sharing the story if you ask."

    Blind Items Revealed

    #1: Rosie Perez
    #2: Jennifer Lopez
    Television show: "In Living Color"
    #3: Woody Harrelson
    #1 & #3 movie: "White Men Canít Jump"
    Movie franchise: "Hunger Games"
    Television franchise: "Cheers"
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    Juliette Lewis is 1st actress and J.lo was 2nd actress its my thinking

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