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Thread: Michael Ausiello Blind Item

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    Matthew Fox? But I guess the only way of finding out who it could be, would be to list all the TV actresses and actors that had to turn down starring roles in movies that became blockbusters....but I'm too lazy to do it =P

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    Tom Welling from Smallville?

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    ^^Definitely not young.

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    in my world they know me here


    Next thing you know, Mr./Mrs. I Oughta Be in......

    i am not good at these things but would this say that they are married considering the Mrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moongirl View Post
    What'shisface who divorced Sophia Bush...
    Isn't that Chad Michael Murray? that's my guess because he seems like a very large douchbag.
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    The blind says the actor has "nary a credit to show for it". So I assume this person has no movie roles at all, which would disqualify a lot actors guessed so far.

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