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Thread: Wicked Whispers Blind Item 03/12/09

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    Default Wicked Whispers Blind Item 03/12/09

    WICKED WHISPERS: Which newly engaged lesbian would be horrified to discover her main squeeze has been sleeping around ... with men?

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    I'm guessing this is Queen Latifa's g-friend?
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    Queen Latifah FTW. She and her partner are supposedly having a commitment ceremony in New Jersey later this year.

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    I think its Lilo and SamRo.

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    ^I wouldn't be shocked if Lilo is sleeping around with men, but ifshe gotengaged recently, she'd make the biggest stink out of it just for attention (unfortunately for us).

    Queen Latifahis an excellent guess, but her girlfriend doesn't strike me as the type to be bisexual.
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