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Thread: Panache Report 12/12/08: "Bombshell Allegations"

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    Default Panache Report 12/12/08: "Bombshell Allegations"

    *Over the years, sadly, we have had numerous people in the entertainment industry commit suicide in every genre: Music, Film, TV.

    Here is a behind the scenes look at one such case, based on allegations from a reliable source.

    Our "Master Source" has provided us with mind blowing information over the years and they deliver once again with the following: "What really happened?" allegations below.


    Backstory: Due to peer pressure and not wanting to experience any repercussions/blackballing (in his career) for not participating. He attended a very secretive downlow function.

    He always seemed uncomfortable and he got even more uncomfortable when a mogul tried to vie for his attention over another powerful man, both men were seriously crushing on him. So much so, that they got into a loud argument over him that turned violent and had to be broken up by several party guests.

    He reluctantly hooked up with the powerful man, he never knew that this homosexual encounter was being taped, the man he was servicing, didn't have a clue either. Conclusion, it had to be one of the party guests who set the tape up.

    This is the alleged motive for the suicide:

    He was devastated when he was informed about the sex tape but oddly, the person who had it, didn't want money, their motive was: I want to destroy you! Why? Nobody knows. A former beef? Someone who was jealous and envious of his success? People are still speculating discreetly.

    After the suicide, some people noticeably started distancing themselves from the situation. Allegedly, even more noticeable to family members. Certain people, who were thought to be good friends of the victim, stopped returning calls and an wall of silence went up despite a public united front.

    Also, after the victim was buried, the owner of the tape, allegedly, never contacted the powerful man in the tape which means, our suicide victim was the target. If this tape should resurface, our powerful man has enough money to bury it or destroy it with the help of a fixer.

    Hints: Regarding the powerful man and the mogul, we can't reveal if they are in front or behind the scenes, it would give away their identities.

    The one that killed himself was that exec at DefJam, Shakir Stewart.

    I think LA Reid is the businessman, and Diddy or Russell Simmons is the mogul. Jay-Z was "notted'. Many were floating the theory that LA's son, LA Reid Jr (who is also in the industry) may have blackmailed Stewart because he wanted the position for himself and resented the attention his father had with Stewart...Also, it was reported that LA Reid kept his distance from the family after the suicide and that he didn't attend the funeral of Stewart, odd behavior from a man that was supposed to be his mentor.

    This is such a disgusting, EVIL blind item. There are so many horrible, duplicitous people in the music industry. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim.

    I have a cousin who is in the entertainment industry trying to be an actor. He is young and impressionable, and I suspect he is gay (he hasn't said anything). I don't care one way or another what his orientation is, but I can defnitely see some sort of Hollywood exec using that to his advantage and trying to force him to do something he may not be ready for (my extended family is full of holy-roller homophobes, so that type of info would be really damaging). While I am wishing him much success, I have seen too many times what the entertainment industry can do to people.

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    ^ Damn, that's really sad. I wish your cousin luck, cause yeah, there are some really shady people in the industry.

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    Sad. I sure wish the guy who committed suicide would have exposed all the assholes (no pun intended) involved.

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    These disgusting individuals will chew you up and spit you out.
    Into the sunrise. The sunset is sad to me….it only means the night is coming.

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