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Thread: Panache Report "Underage Prostitute/Current Sugar Mama" 09/25/08

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    Default Panache Report "Underage Prostitute/Current Sugar Mama" 09/25/08

    This black female celebrity is known throughout the world, she's a veteran in the industry. What few people know: She was a underage prostitute before her big break. She used to turn tricks for spending cash. A few older male visitors to her single family home, often groped or kissed her when her parent wasn't looking.
    Her pimp fathered one of her kids. A second kid is hidden away because of a devastating family secret, this kid allegedly has a mental disability.
    Despite some degree of success when she first started out, she still married her mack daddy/drug dealer.
    After too many beatings, she divorced him and married another man (in the industry). She would later find out he was DL. He was hiring male escorts with her money when she was out of town on business. They divorced.
    She got involved with someone in the industry, she was appalled when she found out he was creeping with one of her female relatives. She fell out with the relative but stayed with the man until he left her.
    Now, she's older but not wiser. She's with a younger man whom she pays to be with her.

    Who is she? Who is the DL man (industry) and who is the industry man who dated one of her female relatives?

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    My first thought was Aretha Franklin. She was raised by her father and had kids when she was 14 and 16.

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    Yeah, this is Re-Re. Rumor has it that her first child is her father's. Also, another rumor that has been going around for years is that her ex-husband, Glynn Turman (He was the Colonel on "A Different World") was on the DL, and Aretha caught him in bed with her son and she divorced him shortly after

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    My first thought was Aretha and Glynn Turman.

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    Couldn't be Tina Turner, could it? She was certainly knocked around by Ike, but I don't know anything about children, nor about partners that came after him.
    A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.(Lana Turner)

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