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Thread: Panache Report "Fame Without Fortune & Raped By A Pro Baller" 09/21/08

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    Default Panache Report "Fame Without Fortune & Raped By A Pro Baller" 09/21/08


    BLIND ITEM #1:

    Once upon a time, she was hot in the rap game but like a lot of female rappers, she's not hot anymore.
    When she first tried to get into the industry, she wanted to appear more successful than she actually was. She and her crew often went to department stores after closing, late at night and tried to crack the store windows to get at the clothes and accessories worn by mannequins.
    She also couldn't afford designer wear and was a regular in the knock off shops.
    She had sex with numerous industry men to land a deal. Some men ran a train on her and others had her on her knees at industry parties in back rooms. She often took pills to dull the pain.
    When she finally got her deal, she would childishly have her rep call black publications to list how much she paid for various items.
    Now, she's considered a wash-out but she doesn't want to give up the illusion of being rich and dressing expensively.
    She has no money and is currently living off credit cards but is still fronting like she's caked up.
    We were recently informed, that she may get into the dope game as an slinger or courier to get the fast and easy money she desperately needs.

    Hint: It's not Lil Kim


    BLIND ITEM #2:

    She admits to being young and naive, in her late teens. The night before she was to leave Los Angeles. She accompanied a friend to a club. Not too far off in the distance was a former NBA star who never had a problem attracting women. He was in L.A. at the time but he didn't play for the Lakers.
    But, he was attracted to the young subject of this blind item. She let him know up front that she wasn't interested in sleeping with him. Since this baller usually nailed every woman he desired, he took this as a challenge.
    Throughout the evening, he appeared attentive and nice; a real gentleman. He agreed to give her a ride home but he told her he had to stop at his place first.
    She now admits, she was foolish to accept his invitation upstairs. They continued talking and then suddenly without warning, he pinned her down by her wrists, so hard, he nearly broke both wrists. He then violated her-very painfully.
    Afterwards, she went to the bathroom and cried. The baller unbelievably asked her out for another date as if nothing had happened.
    For years she blamed herself until she was told by a therapist, "bad judgment and naivety does not justify rape."
    She decided not to press charges because she didn't want to be thought of as a gold digger and she knew everyone would side with the baller and paint her out to be a jezebel.
    We have now been informed, that the baller used the same motive of operation on two other girls but paid them off to keep quiet. What we find interesting and disturbing, he only date rapes women who are not rich. He is known to treat rich women differently.
    Despite making big money, this man has always had a problem with his finances.
    During his playing days, when he was sleeping with a rich white woman, she discovered he was cheating, she was so well connected; she became instrumental in getting him traded from the team he was playing with at the time.
    It's also rumored, due to his financial crunch-after he retired from the NBA, he was a highly paid gigolo among wealthy women from coast to coast until another opportunity came up.
    Among "non-rich" women, rape is considered enjoyable sex to him.

    Hint: He no longer plays pro basketball BUT is still associated with basketball in a visible manner.

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    1) Eve?

    2) Charles Barkley

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    1. Don't know.

    2. First thought was Charles Barkley also.

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    Noooo! Not Charles Barkley. Not. No. Never. Not.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    1. I am noting Foxy-Brown,,she has hooked up with Rick EWW Ross. I think it's either Yo-Yo or Mia X

    2. Sir Charles
    Baltimore O's ​Fan!

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    1. Charli Baltimore?

    2. Charles Barkley

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    I like the Charli Baltimore guess. She's got a couple of kids, so she needs a steady income. And it has been rumored that one of her daughters was fathered by a drug dealer.

    I don't see Charles Barkley as the gigolo type. I'll have to think about this one, because there are lot of still-visible former NBA stars out there.

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