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    Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth
    One Jerk-Off Blind Vice: What can you really say about a guy like Wendell Waxer? First off, he's damn lucky. See, Wendell was attending film school on the East Coast when he was "discovered" on the streets. Wendell scored a semisweet deal acting on a network offering. Pretty fortuitous, considering our comely Wendell had no acting training whatsoever. W2 eventually ditched school and headed for T-town with his long-term girlfriend from college. Now, keep in boo-hoo mind, the good-intentioned, blushing g-f moved out west to support her man, who promptly got a huge-ass head from his newfound stardom and dumped her ass. Nice. Now, Ms. Dumped Derriere would surely hasten one to not only not date her creep-a-zoid old flame but also to not invite him to dinner at your pad. See, during a holiday when W.W. couldn't make it home, a good college bud of his graciously asked Wen to spend the time at his fam's place. And Wendell caused a huge fracas at his guest's house over a friggin' board game. Apparently, mean-ass, egomaniac Wendell made his host's younger sibling bawl over a game of Scattegories. W2 promptly got booted by the host's horrified mama. Later on down the line, after his big network debut, his same amigo from school was making a movie. And despite Wendell's pleading, he didn't think W2 was quite right for any parts and chose not to audition him. I mean, the guy had never even taken any acting classes, so it's understandable why someone might have doubts, right? Apparently not to narcissistic Wendell, who did what any mature person would do. He stopped speaking to his former friend. Like I said, sweet. Sounds like someone needs some attitude rehab, among other things. AND IT AINíT: Doug Savant; James Denton; Shawn Pyfrom


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    This could be Jesse Metcalfe. He has been in rehab. He attended NYU until he was cast in Passions in 1999, at an open audition. He did not graduate. All the other guys mentioned are on DH too! hahaha

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    ^ I agree. And the "Waxer" name reminds me of Jesse's eyebrows!

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    I think this is Jesse Metcalfe also - all the "and its aints" are from Desperate Housewives.

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    It says that the person has never taken acting classes. Someone I know was in an acting class with Jesse Metcalfe and said that he was a little overweight and nerdy at that time.

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