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Thread: Entertainment Lawyer 03/19

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    Default Entertainment Lawyer 03/19
    Follow-up from 03/14..
    --So this actor she worked with before is very C list, but, EVERYONE knows him for one very important relationship. She says he is neither gay nor straight. She says that he is kind of asexual rather than bi-sexual. He is just so shy and afraid of hurting someones feelings that he will go out with whatever sex asks. She also said he is definitely not a take charge kind of guy and doesn't care about anything except making the other person happy. She said his non-sexual relationships are just the same and it gets really annoying after about a day and she just has no desire to work with him again. He just refuses to answer a question or make a decision and you just want to scream when you talk to him.

    --There is this other guy she knows who EVERYONE would also know even though he is not a celebrity. He has been with lots and lots of women including lots of celebrities and celebutantes. LOTS. The thing is that he has a very tough time performing and just prefers watching. Watching other couples or the girl he is with or two girls. He pretends he is all manly and virile, but the only way he can be that is with Viagra and lots of watching. She says the only way he can usually finish is to do it himself. Figures.

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    #1 no idea
    #2 Brandon Davis. (just a guess)

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    #1 ?

    #2 Joe Francis
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