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Thread: Married NYC designer tiptoeing in Miami

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    Default Married NYC designer tiptoeing in Miami

    Which married NYC designer made sure he wasn't photographed with the attractive young woman who accompanied him around Miami's recent Art Basel weekend?
    Miami peeps! Do you guys know of any NYC that was around Miami for the Art Basel weekend?
    Go Habs Go!!

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    I'd guess Ralph Lauren.

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    I doubt Ralph would have been in Miami over NYEve weekend, but if it was him, Mrs. Lauren is well known to have two blind eyes.

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    on the one hand, yes, its wrong for men to cheat. on the other, he is a man. if he provides for the family, then some women look the other way. what is she gonna do? look for a new husband at her age? cmon. i dont agree with it, but I can totally understand

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