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Thread: Lainey - Under new ownership? - 12 6 17

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    Default Lainey - Under new ownership? - 12 6 17

    Under new ownership?

    Not just celebrity real estate news. It would be major, major celebrity real estate news.

    About a piece of property that once belonged to an iconic entertainer. What was once a happy place became associated with controversy and then pretty much abandoned. Someone however, supposedly wants to restore its glory. But enough to buy it?

    Certain family members of another arguably iconic entertainer of this generation are going around telling people that he’s purchased the estate. And that he will be putting it all back together, devoting considerable resources to upgrading the space and making it worthy of our dreams again. Allegedly he’s already spent some time there undercover. It’s not known when he would make the announcement, if an announcement is to be made at all. Because these family members aren’t always reliable. And because of their reputations, members of his team take care to keep information on a need to know basis. Either they’re full of a sh-t then or they’d be potentially jeopardising a huge acquisition. If this goes through, though, if this is true, it’s a fairytale story. Almost unbelievable.

    Under new ownership Blind Riddle

    my guess is neverland ranch and kanye but i'm not really sure why any of this is news.
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    Neverland ranch immediately came to my mind as well, I like the Kanye guess.
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    Don't you have to have money to buy Neverland Ranch?

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    Maybe thats where all Feldman's gofundme money is going.
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    I immediately thought of the Playboy mansion. But Neverland is probably it.
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    i thought of Graceland, Playboy Mansion and Neverland Ranch, but the make believe, almost isn't real hints seem like the Ranch. What in the hell would they turn it in to that we all could enjoy? Concert arena? amusement park/hotel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootspaige View Post
    Neverland Ranch, but the make believe, almost isn't real hints seem like the Ranch. What in the hell would they turn it in to that we all could enjoy? Concert arena? amusement park/hotel?
    With Pedophiles now going to senate, maybe a kiddie wonderland.
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    Graceland has been kept up regularly. It makes a ton of money and has a consistent stream of daily touring. So much so that there are shops, eateries and hotels adjacent. It's not just a house sitting there like (I assume) Neverland. Surely they do something with the Playboy mansion still. Doesn't it get lots of visitors?

    I'm going with Neverland.
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    Some rich guy already bought the Playboy Mansion a few years ago. Part of the deal was that Hefner could stay there until he died. The guy already owned the property next door and supposedly wanted to combine the properties. So I think that one can be ruled out. I agree Neverland fits the description better too.
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    Neverland has been on and off the market throughout 2017 - fluctuating between $67M and $34M
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