Blind Item #1

This B+ list network reality star talks a good game about his co-star, but he cheats every chance he gets.

Blind Item #2

This B+ list mostly television actor on a long running network show is out to his closest friends and family, but the teen recently made his biggest strides yet in coming out publicly.

Blind Item #3

This Housewife has already been hit pretty hard about some of her personal political views has not seen anything yet. Apparently there is a video of her talking about what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend and it would get her instantly fired.

Blind Item #4

This foreign born still one hit wonder had to tell paps she was with a member of this reality family to get them to come out and take a picture of her. Of course she was there solo.

Blind Item #5

More planned time with her child was skipped over the past two weeks by this former A list singer who is really focused on herself right now. She has even stopped bothering to give excuses to the child and just ignores the situation.

Blind Item #6

After about a month of dating, the now ex-boyfriend of this former B+ list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show who does not get much work now is in hiding. You do not cross this actress. Ever.

Blind Item #7

After a summer of yachting last year, the permanent A+ list father of the yachter told her he would cut her off if she did it this year. So? She didnít go anywhere near a yacht.

Blind Item #8

This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is being cheated on by her husband again. She has been spending more time away from him as she tries to come terms with it.

Blind Item #9

This collection of actors who are covering up multiple rapes by one of them is really worried about that television show starring one of their former members they canít control. So far the show has stayed silent on the rapes, but the actors know it is coming.

Blind Item #10

A shared vacation for a somewhat shared experience for these two cable reality stars who are at best B+ list for one and C+ list for the other. The B+ lister cheated on her boyfriend while the C+ lister got cheated on by her boyfriend.

Blind Item #11

This B- list reality star only gets that high because the cable show has been around for a bit. Not the most popular show on the channelís lineup. Always needing money to maintain a lifestyle she thinks she deserves, she is apparently being accused of using stolen credit cards.

Blind Item #12

This former B list tweener turned A- list singer had her last three relationships end after she threw something at the love interest. Two men and one woman. That is quite the streak.