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Thread: Blind Gossip - April/May/June 2017 - 4 Blind Items

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    Default Blind Gossip - April/May/June 2017 - 4 Blind Items

    What Happened To Goofy
    APRIL 20, 2017
    [Blind Gossip] This young, award-winning film actress used to be in the media all the time. She was fun to watch because she was just so happy-go-lucky. And a little bit goofy. She just seemed to enjoy living her life.
    She’s been quiet lately.
    Coincidentally, ever since she’s been dating that guy. You know, that older industry guy who loves to knock up actresses? He has total control over her life now. What projects she takes, what interviews she does, who she hangs out with. He wants her to be mature and serious. He’s very, very controlling.
    Why is she allowing that? Does she think that because he is older, he is automatically wiser?
    Popular guess:
    Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

    She Can Finally Stop Pining For Mega
    APRIL 17, 2017
    [Blind Gossip] There are FIVE celebrities in this blind item, so put on your thinking caps! We had to laugh when we saw this couple together at Coachella. Leading Actor and Dark-Haired Actress were all over each other. What’s the story with them?
    Well, a couple of years ago, Dark-Haired Actress was actually slated to be the new beard for that thrice-married Mega Movie Star. That fell through… but now she has Leading Actor!
    Leading Actor is very handsome, but all of his girlfriends last one or two years. That’s it.
    Why is that? Well, do you remember when Leading Actor dated that Conniving Actress a few years ago? They lasted less than two years.
    Conniving Actress went on to date – and break up with – Famous Athlete. We talked about them a lot. Think about the arrangement they had. Now you’re getting the gist of it! Dating Leading Actor is a bit of a step down in the faux-dating game for Dark-Haired Actress… but at least she can finally stop pining for that Mega Movie Star who got away!
    Wait a minute. We just realized that Mega Movie Star and Conniving Actress are both single and looking. Now THAT would be an awesome pairing!
    Popular guesses:
    Dark-Haired Actress: Sofia Boutella
    Mega Movie Star: Tom Cruise
    Leading Actor: Chris Pine
    Conniving Actress: Olivia Munn
    Famous Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

    Pure And Innocent
    JUNE 16, 2017
    [Blind Gossip] This model’s team tried really hard to scrub her image from gold-digging man eater to pure and innocent nice girl. They even claimed that she had never had sex with the man she had been dating for over a year. She’s pure! She’s innocent!
    Their next task will be to try to convince you that another man gave her over $5 million in “gifts” simply because he enjoyed her “company.” Aboard his yacht. It’s odd that he doesn’t show up in her dating history, because she actually “dated” him for over a year, accumulating “gifts” the entire time.
    Popular guess:
    Miranda Kerr

    Talk No Talk
    MAY 3, 2017
    [Blind Gossip] There are four very famous celebrities in this blind item!
    This singer reacted very differently to two different celebrities when she encountered them at the Met Gala.
    We have to admit that we found both interactions intriguing!
    The first interaction was with an Athlete.
    She was sitting at the table next to his table. They were just ignoring each other, but when [His Famous Girlfriend] left the table for a few minutes, he got up and went over to [Pop Singer’s] table. He gave her a hug and they talked for a few minutes. Their conversation seemed friendly. He went back to his table as soon as he saw [His Famous Girlfriend] coming back. The second interaction was with an Award-Winning Actress.
    [Pop Star] was sitting at her table and [Actress] walked by several times. They both deliberately looked away each time and completely ignored each other.
    Why are both of these interactions interesting? Well, Pop Star and Athlete used to date a long time ago! In fact, he left his wife for the Pop Star. When Pop Star and Athlete broke up, it was so ugly that they never spoke again. Now… friendly!
    Pop Star and Actress used to be good friends! They used to work out and hang out together all the time. Now… nothing!
    Popular guesses:
    Alex Rodriguez
    Jennifer Lopez
    Gwyneth Paltrow

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    Is #1 JLaw?
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    #3. Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel/Malaysian businessman Jho Low

    Thanks for posting these, Dowcat.
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    #4. Madonna/Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez/Fishsticks Paltrow
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