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Thread: Entertainment Lawyer - Multiple Blinds June 15, 2017

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    Default Entertainment Lawyer - Multiple Blinds June 15, 2017

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)]June 15, 2017

    Blind Item #7

    A child of this former multiple cable show reality star who also took a turn as a network reality star and an actress is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman he was dating.

    Blind Item #6

    This A- list mostly television actress who recently walked away from a network hit is in rehab.

    Blind Item #5

    With dad out of town, this one named singer was supposed to spend a lot of time time this week with her kid(s). Nope.

    Blind Item #4

    This drugged out foreign born former A list boy bander who is out on his own now and was the first to go is hooking up with someone who is definitely not his girlfriend.

    Blind Item #2

    Not sure if this former NFL quarterback who made a big splash, but didn’t play very long is still with his girlfriend because she was coming out of a guy’s hotel room, clothes in hand from earlier that night at 3am this week.

    Blind Item #1

    This former tween rapper/actor turned social media faker spent about a tenth of what he claimed to have spent on strippers recently. Oh, and half of what he did spend was given to him by the club for bringing in a certain number of people.

    My Guesses:

    2 - Tim Tebow
    4 - The boy who is dating Gigi Hadid?
    5 - God I hope this isn't Pink

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    Thanks for posting these.

    Unlikely to be Pink, she always seems to be with her kids. People on the site are guessing Fergie.

    Agree #4 is Zayn Malik

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    Thanks for posting this, Greys.

    #6 - Jennifer Morrison? (Emma, OUAT) I hope not.

    What is a social media faker?

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    The faker one is BowWow. He was just caught on social media faking that he was flying in a private jet when in reality the passenger next to him in commercial took a pic of him flying a thing coach.
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