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Thread: Lainey Blind - 09/09/16 - The Gossip Photo Booth

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    Default Lainey Blind - 09/09/16 - The Gossip Photo Booth

    There’s a photo booth at one of the most popular celebrity restaurants in LA. And some really, really great gossip goes down, sometimes literally, inside of it. Here are some of the photo booth’s dirtiest stories over the last few months:

    An actor in a bad mood with his date, not famous. She’s oblivious to his sulky behaviour, pretty excited to be there, and pleads with him to take a picture with her. When she pulls him into the booth, he obliges, then there’s a loud thud from inside, followed by a muffled gasp. He exits. She comes out a few minutes later, weeping, and then leaves by herself.

    A married couple. She’s the star in the relationship. But they love getting high together. Sometimes, when they’re using though, she gets paranoid and insecure. One night she accused him of being attracted to someone else. She starts obsessing about her weight. They start fighting. He starts pleading with her. He pulls her into the photo booth to calm her down. She’s crying about wanting to throw up her dinner, doesn’t want to wait until they get home. He grabs a napkin and she does it right there.

    And finally, he’s young, she’s older. She’s feeling herself though, that he would be interested in her, after having children and after her sh-tty relationship. So, emboldened by his attraction to her, when they end up in the photo booth, she rewards him for his attention and sucks him off.

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    I think one of them is hinting at Kourtney and the Biebs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    I think one of them is hinting at Kourtney and the Biebs.
    Ewwww. I think u r right.

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    Wonder if anyone ever cleans this infamous photo booth?
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    You are so right
    Life is beautiful

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