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Thread: Blind Gossip - July 27th, 2015 - The Mud Slingers

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    Default Blind Gossip - July 27th, 2015 - The Mud Slingers

    The Mud Slingers

    [Blind Gossip] Just when it started to get really nasty, these two performers suddenlystopped slinging mud at each other and did something oddly cooperative.
    What the heck happened?
    Well, their agency stepped in like a parent and read them the riot act!
    They were told that it was unacceptable for either of them tried to take down the reputation of career of the other, and that it was to stop… NOW!
    Given that this powerful agency has served them well – and made them incredibly rich – they both backed down immediately.
    As penance, they were told to come together (although not physically) and do something nice to promote a third party. They both complied, leaving their fans baffled about the 180 degree turnaround.
    It’s not so puzzling, however, once you understand with which agency the third party is signed. That’s right. It’s the same agency!
    In the end, business won out over petty bickering. Friends, family, and colleagues have all been warned to lock down the chatter immediately. Unless somebody goes rogue, both sides should be considerably more quiet from here on out!
    Third Party:

    Popular guesses:
    He: Blake Shelton
    She: Miranda Lambert
    Third Party: Ashley Monroe

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    Blake and Miranda
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