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Thread: CDAN February 26th 2015 - The Celebrity Sex Broker – Part Four

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    Default CDAN February 26th 2015 - The Celebrity Sex Broker – Part Four

    Blind Item #1
    This former A list athlete/celebrity who really did not live up to the A list athlete part as much if you look at his success rate uses a family member to pick up women for him so he can maintain his puritanical image. If the woman is capable of being quiet and good to go, she is introduced to the celebrity.
    Popular Guess: Tim Tebow

    Blind Item #2
    The wife of this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee told one of her friends that our actor spends a great deal of time preparing for his next role and wears women’s clothes everywhere. Of course what she left out is that he has been doing this for much longer than the past few months. It has been going on for years. She doesn’t seem to mind, but at least this way she can talk about it a little.
    Popular Guess: Eddie Redmayne

    Blind Item #3
    On the outside they might seem like a very happy go lucky, loving couple, but that illusion was shattered on a recent flight. The A- list mostly television actress from the long running hit network show argued with her B list mostly movie actor boyfriend for the entirety of a three hour flight. The actor, kept balling his hands up into fists as the actress just kept whisper yelling at him. When he would try and say something she would keep on doing it. It was really bad. The flight attendants were scared to come near them.
    Popular Guess: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

    Blind Item #4
    This B- list multiple reality star from both network and cable might say the right things about his celebrity wife, but if they were to do what he is always asking her his life would be turned upside down. Those three women he constantly juggles while alone would be impossible with the wife there.
    Popular Guess: Bill Rancic

    Blind Item #5
    This B+ list singer who seems more interested in reality television at the moment was all over this married A list rapper/reality star. He wasn’t interested though because no one likes the kind of drama she brings. Instead he set his sights on this older actress turned celebrity turned reality star turned wannabe singer. They hooked up before he went home to his wife. She probably will get some producing time from him out of the deal.
    Popular Guess: Christina Milian, TI and Vivica A. Fox

    Blind Item #6
    This foreign born B list mostly movie actor is making a living off franchises right now. The biggest one ever and another one that has an installment very soon. He says that while filming the biggest one ever he had to have sex with one of the older male leads who is openly gay. Our younger actor said it was expected of all the gay men on the set. A kind of ritual that kept the older actor supplied with young men for nearly a decade.
    Popular Guess: Someone and Ian McKellen

    Blind Item #7
    This actress is probably just B- list, but she has been on three network hits and the thing is, they have been on three different networks. Her latest effort is that big alphabet one. Anyway, she told a story the other night that she almost died on her first big network hit when this actor turned celebrity turned crazy celebrity locked her in a closet on a Friday night because he was angry she wouldn’t sleep with him. She was there until Saturday afternoon when by chance, some work needed to be done on the set and one of the items needed was in that closet. If not for that she would have been in the closet for another 9 days because the show was off for the week after that Friday.
    Popular Guess: Connie Britton and Charlie Sheen

    Blind Item #8 – Kindness
    After partying all night on Academy Award night, this actress who no one has heard of but starred in that long shooting film flew across the country without any sleep. On the plane she met a woman who was suffering from the flu and traveling with an infant. Our actress held the infant for much of the five hour flight just so the mom with the flu could try and get some rest. Small, but touching.
    Popular Guess: Lorelei Linklater

    Blind Item #9
    Apparently there are some gentlemen in Las Vegas who are getting annoyed with this former celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity. They are paying her large sums of money for what they think is going to be dinner and a few hours together after and she is giving them 30 minutes in a bar with drinks before saying she has to leave.
    Popular Guess: Holly Madison

    Blind Item #10
    This married, very tall, A list mostly movie comic actor might not be married much longer if he continues to sleep with as many women as possible on the press tour for his new movie.
    Popular Guesses: Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell
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    hang on: in #6 do the clues about franchises relate to the older or younger man? because if latter, Ian McKellan doesn't make much sense. If clues relate to older man, then he fits (X Men & LOTR/Hobbit) But if vice-versa... Orlando Bloom? (PotC + LOTR/Hobbit)

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    Thank you Belle, for helping Palta out with these

    #2.. Really doesn't surprise me for some reason.. haha.

    #3.. Again not surprised.. according to previous Blinds, she is still hooked on her ex and is just using Joe as a jealousy tool.

    #6.. This sounds horrific.. almost like sex slavery.. holy crap!

    #7.. How on earth did he get away with that?.. What an vile, nasty prick he is.. it would have been great if charges were pressed against him.

    #8.. This is so sweet and kind.. good on Lorelei for doing that.

    #10.. Adding another not surprised, with either of these guesses .

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    #7 is horrible.
    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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