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Thread: CDAN February 2nd 2015 - Quick and Dirty Cheaters

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    Default CDAN February 2nd 2015 - Quick and Dirty Cheaters

    Blind Item #1
    This former B list model turned celebrity turned wannabe reality star is technically still married. if she lands a new client for her manager she also gets a percentage of all the commissions. Well, she thinks she will. So, she is out there having sex with celebrities and athletes to get them to sign and she won’t end up with anything.
    Popular Guess: Amber Rose

    Blind Item #2
    This former A+ list tweener/singer is having a good past six months. His “girlfriend” though is getting tired of the pretending because she has lost some good gigs and had to turn down dates. Meanwhile, the former tweener is seeing the same guy he has been seeing for a year and there are other guys waiting if this one falls through the cracks.
    Popular Guess: Nick Jonas

    Blind Item #3
    This female celebrity trainer has always offered extra services to her male clients. It is how she found her last relationship. She must be running low on cash though because this past week she was not even trying to be discreet or even pretending there were fitness packages as she likes to call them. She was just talking straight up sex for money.
    Popular Guess: Tracy Anderson

    Blind Item #4 – Super Bowl
    This former Real Housewife hooked up with a current NFL player. She said she needed a real man. I guess her significant other she supports is just not doing it for her any longer.
    Popular Guess: Gretchen Rossi

    Blind Item #5- Super Bowl
    This permanent A list singer from a band that is permanently A list has never really performed on his own. At a party this week he told this probable one hit wonder with the strange name and the big 2014 hit featuring her that he could make her career huge. He kept saying it all night and was being really attentive but when she would not put out for him he said he didn’t think she had superstar quality any longer.
    Popular Guess: Steven Tyler and Charli XCX

    Blind Item #6 – Super Bowl
    This potential future EGOT winner who has been in this space a lot recently threatened to fire her agent because no one could get her any promotional work for the Super Bowl. She was stuck doing meaningless things for $1000 which she gets every day she is home.
    Popular Guesses: Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth

    Blind Item #7
    This B list celebrity who is on a certain reality show sometimes showing off his immense wealth had scouts in Miami to see who was there for yacht season. Apparently his new girlfriend should worry because he had his eye on this blonde who used to be on the same cable network but was on a very unsuccessful show.
    Popular Guess: Mohamed Hadid and Joanna Krupa

    Blind Item #8
    This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show got into a huge fight with her husband over the weekend. She threw a punch. The only reason police were not called is because friends were there and intervened.
    Popular Guess: Kaley Cuoco

    Blind Item #9
    It was not that long ago that this B list celebrity with the very unique look had men paying her to be their date. To be seen with her. Now, she still has men who pay to be with her, but for the red carpet events, she is doing the paying to get young men to be seen with her.
    Popular Guesses: Dita Von Teese, Amber Rose, Bai Ling

    Blind Item #10 – Super Bowl
    This former B+ list mostly movie actor from a hit franchise got a chance to be the star of his own franchise but it bombed. The very good looking actor was at a party and everyone was barefoot. Our actor took his shoes and socks off and had painted toe nails. he looked embarrassed and tried to cover up the red nail polish by saying a girlfriend had done it.
    Popular Guess: Kellan Lutz

    Today’s Blind Items – Quick and Dirty Cheaters
    #1 – This C list offspring of a former President is cheating on her husband. She was always kind of crazy.
    Popular Guess: Amy Carter

    #2 – This former B+ list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show is cheating on her husband with a director. The husband is cheating too which makes me wonder why they are together.
    Popular Guess: Leighton Meester

    #3 – This married boy bander who has been a boy bander since he was a boy loves going on tour for groupies because unlike his brother he can get over people.
    Popular Guess: Nick Carter

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    Thanks Palta

    #1 ..Oh Amber.. what are you doing woman? .. get some self-respect and a new manager!

    #2.. why doesn't she just leave and get on with her own life?

    #4.. ouch that's nasty.. great marriage going on there.. NOT.. Who is responsible for unleashing these 'Real Housewives.. ' onto the world? .. they should be tarred and feathered along with Ryan bloody Seacrest!

    #5.. Can you blame her for not 'putting out'.. Steven Tyler is like the cryptkeeper with a long dark wig on.. he is gross and so sleazy.

    #6.. Wait, the person is getting $1000 a day, and they are pissed off about that? .. holy crap, i'll gladly take the grand a day off their hands!

    #8.. Okay this is not going to end well at all.. Kaley needs to call it quits with Ryan because it is not only turning violent now, but there have been Blinds about verbal abuse in their marriage too.

    #9.. All three ladies guessed are usually photographed on their own at events.. so hmm.. this one is puzzling? . and i really can't see any of them paying for a date?

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    mmm the last of the cheaters could be Jordan Knight too, I think he´s married and has been in NKOTB group since he was a teen. They go on cruises with fans and his brother suffers panic attacks sometimes when they have to perform. just guessing.

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