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Thread: CDAN January 23rd 2015 - Old Hollywood

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    Default CDAN January 23rd 2015 - Old Hollywood

    Blind Item #1
    This A list rapper/reality star is married but everyone knows he cheats. He just does not usually do it as obviously as he did the other night. He got sloppy drunk which may be the reason he was all over that minor celebrity for everyone in public to see.
    Popular Guess: T.I.

    Blind Item #2
    This former A list tweener has been seeing a woman for the past several months. She is getting really upset that the tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor is shying away from publicity for the couple and takes her to out of the way places where only the occasional fan spots them. She signed up for this thing for publicity for herself and does not feel like she is getting what was agreed to.
    Popular Guess: Zac Efron and Sami Miro

    Blind Item #3
    This single former Real Housewife who might be coming back has been sleeping with two different editors in return for them buying her pap shots on a regular basis. She wants to stay in the public eye.
    Popular Guess: Kelly Bensimon

    Blind Item #4
    This celebrity offspring of an A+ list couple was in bad shape before but is in desperate need of rehab now with his new girlfriend partying with him non-stop.
    Popular Guess: Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus

    Blind Item #5
    This openly gay celebrity/talk show host/reality star might seem sweet and lovable but escorts he has hired paint an entirely different picture and say that no one ever visits him twice.
    Popular Guess: Andy Cohen

    Blind Item #6
    This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network comedy has an actor significant other but she spends much of her day in her trailer face timing her ex boyfriend on a phone that her assistant brings to the set each day just for the purpose.
    Popular Guess: Sofa Vergara

    Blind Item #7
    This former A list performer and now A-list celebrity/performer/reality star dodged the police while in town. They wanted to question her about incidents that took place when she was in town last but she is trying her hardest to avoid it.
    Popular Guess: Mel B

    Blind Item #8
    This married, non-foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner has been popping pills like crazy and there is talk she is going to spend some time on “vacation,” which is code for a mental health facility. Her husband is pushing for it but mainly so he can be with his girlfriends more easily.
    Popular Guess: Nicole Kidman

    Four For Friday – Old Hollywood
    She was almost A-list for most of her all-too-brief movie career, but this beautiful actress achieved her greatest fame long after she retired from showbiz, after some movies she made overseas were rediscovered by critics and film buffs and declared some of the greatest of all time. This incident happened before she decided to step in front of a movie camera. She started out as a legitimate dancer then she landed a spot in two of the biggest revues on Broadway as a scantily dressed showgirl. Between shows, she earned extra money on the side prostituting herself to wealthy men. One of those wealthy men was an A++ list actor/comedian/jack of all trades, possibly the biggest actor in movies at that time.
    Popular Guess: Louise Brooks and Charlie Chaplin

    Mr. X Blind Item #1 €“ CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What “couple” consisting of a closeted athlete and a B-list mostly movie actress are literally being paid every time she talks about him or they (rarely) step out together in public? The panic started when his ex-boyfriend started making catty remarks about them on Twitter again.

    Mr. X Blind Item #2 €“ CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What closeted almost A-list actor who appeared in two massive hit movies last year had his ex “girlfriend” reappear out of nowhere after his PR people started to get worried after he was spotted with a (non-famous) guy who is apparently his boyfriend. The “girlfriend” had to be pulled away from her new sugar daddy, that foreign born businessman recently linked to a supermodel.

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    Popular guess for Mr X #1 is Aaron Rodgers/Olivia Munn.
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    For Mr. X #2: Bradley Cooper was in Guardians of the Galaxy and American Sniper (released last year)

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    Also for Mr. X #2, the foreign born businessman recently linked to a supermodel could be Miranda Kerr or Naomi Campbell.
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