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Thread: CDAN January 19th 2015 - A Night With Johnny Grant – Part Four (Final Part)

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    Default CDAN January 19th 2015 - A Night With Johnny Grant – Part Four (Final Part)

    Blind Item #1
    This B list celebrity got into a huge fight with her A list actor husband last night at dinner. He even called her a w**re in earshot of other diners. Apparently he didn’t appreciate her most recent efforts to get publicity for herself.
    Popular Guess: Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

    Blind Item #2
    This former Real Housewife, who is desperate to return has seen her earnings take a nose dive. She is taking every gig she can get and is now exchanging appearance fees for sex. I’m sure her kid(s) would love this but she never sees them anyway because she is trying to revive her career.
    Popular Guesses: Taylor Armstrong, Danielle Staub

    Blind Item #3
    Everyone wants the drug dealer. Look for prescriptions under the maiden name of the wife.
    Popular Guess: Bill Cosby

    Blind Item #4
    I hope this former network reality star from that long running dating show who recently cheated on her fiance has a good PR team because she is thinking about already showing off the guy she cheated with. Bad bad move.
    Popular Guess: Andi Dorfman

    Blind Item #5
    The guy is a jerk, but it is the second time I have heard it. The ex-boyfriend of this EGOT hopeful who does literally a little bit of everything including fundraisers apparently talks non-stop about herself and her projects even while having sex and asks questions about what she should do. She just never stops talking. Ever.
    Popular Guess: Dana Brunetti and Kristin Chenoweth

    Blind Item #6
    This B list celebrity who has been with an A lister and an A list wannabe and a married celeb/reality star while they were both married got a new tattoo over the weekend and paid the guy by letting him take naked photos of her. Classy.
    Popular Guess: Amber Rose

    Blind Item #7
    This A- list celebrity who has done acting/reality/performing and hosting was yelling at her boyfriend the other day when he wanted to do something and she wanted to do something different. She told him when he made as much as her that they could do what he wanted.
    Popular Guess: Julianne Hough

    Blind Item #8
    Two companies that passed on this recent Golden Globe winner who is a B list mostly television actress because she was not “right,” which was code for wrong race have suddenly decided she is perfect. She told them both to f**k off and is sticking with the companies that liked her a month ago.
    Popular Guess: Gina Rodriguez

    A Night With Johnny Grant – Part Three
    The actress that walked up to the table was at her peak. She was getting nominated and winning the big awards and was on a nice long streak of great roles and she was stunning. At the time she could play comedies, romantic comedies and of course would long be remembered as the smoking hot actress in one of the biggest movies of all time. That role seemed long ago when I saw her, but she was a presence in that room. One hundred or so diners in that room and I don’t think anyone was talking to each other, or if they were, they were doing so while looking over at her. This was a movie star. She might not be a movie star now, but she is still B+ list and I saw her a few months ago from across the room and she still could command a room when she wanted. At some point that night a few months ago, we crossed paths and as we always do when we meet said what OE first said to her when he saw her that night (Lets call her NQ).

    I expected OE to have a huge grin on his face. I mean this actress was coming to him. Instead, he looked like he was ticked off. The first words out of his mouth were. “Where the f**k have you been?” No hello, or good to see you. No pleasantries whatsoever. It was just straight to what he was thinking with no filter. There was no offer for her to sit or any other courtesy shown. Watching NQ and OE stare at each other, it looked as if neither was going to blink. NQ said that she only found out the night before that OE had been looking for. OE then said he left word with a guy we will call PI and that PI had been trying all over the place to find NQ.

    PI was and is an actor. He is actually still on a hit network show but in a minor recurring role. He had his run a couple of decades ago and was about five years removed from the end of a long running hit show. The thing is our actor also had another side business and apparently as a result of that side business and connections he had, met OE. They had a long shared history together and that history apparently included NQ. Our actress was not always an actress and sometimes had to make ends meet. Now, even though she was arguably the biggest actress in the world at that time, OE wanted her to earn some money to help out a friend of his.

    Lets take a break for a second. All of this banter between NQ and OE was filled with half sentences and things that did not make a lot of sense to someone who was put right in the middle of this. Later Johnny filled in some of the blanks. Some. There were a ton of blanks he didn’t ever fill, and he kept a lot of secrets. He told me several hundred, but he kept several thousand to himself. One of the blanks that he answered was that NQ actually married a guy just to have an excuse to avoid OE’s requests. Even though OE was an a-hole who would cheat on his own wife in a second, he would never force NQ to cheat on her husband. Now that NQ had split with her husband though, the past year or so had been one excuse after the other. She tried to work as much as possible just to avoid even having to see OE. Bringing in PI though notched everything up a level. She knew it was serious which is why she showed up. That last little bit I got directly from NQ. I had not seen her since that night until we ran into each other of all places at a grocery store. Ice cream aisle. I closed one of the glass doors and there she was. She remembered that night and I reminded her of what OE had said to her when he saw her and since then, we use that line. Being the inquisitive person I am, I started asking her some questions, and she also filled in some blanks. Obviously she didn’t know me, so her answers were somewhat guarded, but she was still talking to me while my hand nearly froze from holding that ice cream so long. Over time we talked more and because of that grocery store meet she actually got me a client or two. Now, back to the restaurant.

    NQ agreed to meet whoever OE wanted her to meet, but only for a drink. I found out later they did meet for a drink, but she refused to do anything more with him and OE decided it was fine and found someone else for the guy.

    NQ said her goodbyes and turned around and headed straight for the door. All dressed up and alone and every guy watched her walk out of the place.

    I had a lot of questions for OE, but Johnny told me to not ask any for a few hours and to be very careful if I chose to do so. I ended up not asking him very much at all that night except things that I knew he would answer because they were all about his successes. Later that year though I saw him and had drinks with him the same weekend I wrote about a long time ago with some members of the original 90210 cast. He was much more forthcoming then. He seemed different too, maybe because he didn’t have to do anything but talk to me, and not be the center of attention at a restaurant in Hollywood. That conversation is for another day though.

    Shortly after NQ left, plates of food started appearing. No one had ordered anything, but no one was supposed to. Everyone ate what OE ate and he always ate the same thing so the food just started coming out. There were lots of plates and lots of waiters so I stood up to give them more room and while I was up thought I would take a quick lap around the place. Take it all in. I could not have been gone for more than two minutes but when I got back there was another guy sitting in my seat and talking to OE. There was no room for me, so I just stood there looking like a fool. I think OE kind of liked that.

    A Night With Johnny Grant – Part Four (Final Part)
    The guy who was sitting in my seat got up after just a few minutes. I learned that I shouldn’t take it personally and even OE lost his spot a few times during the night when he would get up and wander. He would not actually lower himself to the point where he would make a point to go visit someone at another table, but if he were walking to or from the restroom and someone called him over that he liked or found interesting or could help him he would go slightly out of his way to shake their hand or say a few words. No lingering though. This was OE’s version of make everyone come to your office. I noticed that RP didn’t have that issue. He was happy to go wit with other people and seemed to get a big thrill of being the big shot at a table which he definitely was when seated with almost anyone other than OE. It was when he was seated with others that he smoked. Most of the time when he lit up near OE, he would get a look. OE smoked, but for some reason RP was shamed for doing so.

    The most fun OE seemed to have all night other than when some teenage girls asked him for his autograph and weren’t doing it for their parents was when this at the time B+ list mostly television actor and hiatus movie actor came by to say hello. OE actually got up and came out and gave the actor a hug. The actor, who we will call LM, was all smiles and laughs but then OE had to go and ruin it by asking LM to do a little comedy bit and LM said it wasn’t really the time and place and the two went back and forth and it became really awkward until Johnny intervened and told OE that one of the waitresses wanted to show OE something. Apparently there was no waitress who wanted to show OE anything, but I didn’t know that until later. It was code for OE and one of his many escorts or side pieces to head up to a room that was next door to the restaurant. A little attic space that is now a club was the place OE would take women for 30 minutes when he was in town. At the time there was a side door and he never had to go out front or in the back and no one ever knew what he was doing. Apparently it was supposed to happen later in the night, but Johnny decided it would be best to mention it right then so OE could save some face and there would be less of a chance for things to be said that could not be taken back. As it was, I don’t think OE and LM ever really got along after that incident.

    OE carried a lot of money, but I never saw him pay for anything. He would tip people all the time, but never actually pay for anything. I’m not sure how he handled the whole escort thing. From what Johnny told me, there were others who would pay for him, and the women he slept with who were not escorts were all hoping for a favor or were paying off a debt.

    I think I went into the limo that night hoping for lots of stories and learning more about what happened in Old Hollywood. I got stories, but they seemed to be the same stories the same group of people had been telling for years and although they were excited about the stories, it involved people that were only specific to them and not all that exciting. What that night did give me was something that a lot of people never get the chance to do. I got to spend a night with some legends and see them in a mostly unguarded way and that is something I will never forget. When I did see OE a few months later, he continued to be unguarded. Because I had been introduced by a friend he assumed I wouldn’t go talking to the press or write a book about the guy. He was right. I kept my mouth quiet. I would tell bits and pieces to friends, but it was not like any of it was revolutionary or demanding to be told. A few months later when we spoke, some of that began to change.

    Mr. X Blind Item #1 – CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What overseas reality show’ s dramatic fights and feuds are 100% staged? When the cameras aren’t rolling, the participants get along fine. The producers encourage the fake fighting when the cameras turn because it equals more ratings. All of these episodes aren’t live like they say it is, it’s all pre taped and edited. Give these people an Emmy!

    Mr. X Blind Item #2 – CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What “couple”, consisting of an A-list mostly movie actor and Oscar winner/nominee and a B-list actress, have both moved on to other people but their PR people are making them save face by arranging several photo-op events which they’ll spin as date nights? Did I mention they’re getting paid for this?

    Mr. X Blind Item #3 – CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    Sober my ass. What B-list reality star from an A-list show was not drinking water at the club all night, but vodka placed in water bottles?

    Mr. X Blind Item #4 – CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What A-list reality star’s pursuit of being friends with that A++ list couple is becoming one step away from stalker behavior? After couple #1 had dinner at a restaurant, the reality star and her significant other had dinner at the same restaurant at the same table couple #1 sat at. Then she had her PR people make it look like the two couples had dinner together, which they didn’t. Let’s just say her hubby wasn’t happy during the whole ordeal. Pathetic.

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    #1 CBB
    #3 that lord whatever
    #4 Sounds like kimye and Beyonce.
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    ^ Yes, funny how the two couples were never pictured together in the pap shots.

    #2. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?
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    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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    #2- Ryan Goslin and Eva Mendez?

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