Blind Item #1
This now part-time NYC Housewife told a few fans who spotted her that she was far too busy to take a photo with them and that if she took one photo then there would be a mob. Umm, there were about 20 people within 100 yards and most of them probably didnít know or didnít care. So, what was so important for the Housewife? Nothing. She went and sat in a car for 20 minutes waiting for a family member who apologized to the fans.
Popular Guess: Ramona Singer

Blind Item #2
This former A list singer who has the amazing voice, but has an attitude to match. Oh, and legal problems too wants her daughter to get pregnant because our singer wished she started earlier. Her daughter is not even 18 yet. The mom already picked out the potential father who is a celebrity offspring.
Popular Guess: Lauryn Hill's daughter Selah and Raiden (Usherís soon-to-be stepson)

Blind Item #3
This A list rapper who works hard and has a ton of kids has been showing a special collection of films in his home theatre. Apparently the B list singer turned reality star was filmed every single time she had sex with the rapper because she was desperate to keep him and he shows the collection to everyone who comes over. There are hours of footage.
Popular Guess: Lil Wayne and Christina Milian

Blind Item #4
This married Teen Mom not named Leah has been taking pregnancy tests every day the past week and if she is pregnant it is not with her husband.
Popular Guess: Kailyn

Blind Item #5
This married actress used to be A+ and on a hit network show for almost a decade. She is hit or miss on shows since and is having an affair with a guy who is pushing 80.
Popular Guess: Lisa Kudrow

Blind Item #6
This former B list mostly television actor who was on that long running almost network hit before it ended has a girlfriend. It didnít stop him from having a booty call with his older B list movie actress co-star. He made her come to a premiere party and they hooked up at the party before she went back home to her kids.
Popular Guess: Penn Badgley and Uma Thurman

Blind Item #7
This still a minor who is on an A list reality show got her nipples pierced so she could identify which naked photos of her are taken prior to her 18th birthday.
Popular Guess: Kylie Jenner

Blind Item #8 Ė Kindness
This B list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show is a blind item regular. This time though she did something super nice. She was walking into an event the other night and saw a man in a wheelchair. He was in his late 20ís maybe and was a veteran who got wounded. He didnít know who our actress was but she stopped to say hello and he started talking about a show on the network that he really loved and was hoping to meet someone from the show. Our actress said she would see what she could do and found the creator of the show and brought him over and the next thing you know the guy is being wheeled in and getting to meet some of the cast from the show and then he tells the story of what happened to him and the entire section of the room starts crying.
Popular Guess: Emmy Rossum

Blind Item #9
These two co-stars from a very hit cable show used to always have sex in real life even though the A list actor has a long long time girlfriend. Everything was going great until the B+ list actress thought they should get married and started doing a little stalking which she still does. It made the final two seasons of the show much more difficult.
Popular Guess: Jon Hamm and January Jones

Blind Item #10
Back in the day this current B list mostly movie actor who is having a very good year acting wise who was A+ list hooked up with this current A- list mostly television actress who was A+list back then. They were kind of a strange pairing that never quite fit. The crazy thing is he is now sleeping with the former nanny of the daughter of the actress.
Popular Guess: Michael Keaton and Courteney Cox

Todayís Blind Items Ė The Bluff Part Three Ė (Final Part)
My new plan though was just show up a little bit prior to the show. I knew there would not be any issues getting where I wanted to be because I didnít really care that much. I know it seems stupid but when you have a crush and you think there is a chance, no matter how small, and then you see that chance go out the window then it stings a little bit. It stings a little more when you are forced to go confront that reality when you would rather just stay home and quietly get drunk.

So, GG and I show up about 30 minutes before the show was supposed to start and meet up with her friends and everything was fine getting in. Oh, let me stop for a second because I have to mention something about one of her friends. She is actually a singer too and is probably C list now and reached a peak of A for one album. One. Anyway, she (letís refer to her as (NB) used to be really nice back in the day but she is one of those people who when they became famous totally changed. I knew her before and after and the after was awful. Oh, and donít even get me started on how she even became worse when she got married to a permanent A lister.

OK, so we are at the venue and we make our way backstage and there is SH and she sees GG and NB and air kisses and hugs are exchanged and then GG introduces me. SH looks at me for a long second and then repeats my name and then shakes her head. She then asks if I am the same person who set it up so I could interview her and I sheepishly say yes. She then takes a finger and starts yelling at me that she was at the venue super early and in makeup just so she could look presentable for the interview and waited and waited for over an hour for me to show up and she just went on and on for a good five minutes. She totally let me have it. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw GG tearing up because she was trying not to laugh. When GG saw me looking at her though she lost it which caused SH to lose it. It turns out that earlier in the day the two had spoken to each other and hatched this little plan. I guess it served me right, but hey, my crush had still been out to dinner with a guy the night before.

NB looked totally lost with everything. Iím not sure why GG even invited her but they had been bff back before they both hit it big and GG is and was loyal. Friends for life.

One thing that did change after that little performance was that I was more relaxed and I got Punkíd by a crush. Not as great as dating her or more, but at least it was something. So, to celebrate, I did what I do best. Drink. I got the side eye from GG when I started talking about doing shots so I kept the possible embarrassment factor to a minimum for her. One thing the booze did do though was get me to take some chances I normally would have passed on. I donít always have the best game, but the booze gave me a boost and after the show when there were several of us sitting around talking I did manage to ask SH out because she seemed to like me. Of course it also could have been my bacon cologne she found so fascinating. In any event, she did say yes and we spent a good portion of the rest of the evening hanging out and went out a few times before she found some guy and fell in love and got married. Hey, no regrets. I had a great night that night. Some things are meant to last forever like my friendship with GG and some are meant to last a few minutes or days or weeks like my time with SH. I have seen her a couple of times since and we are nice to each other but there has never been a hint of a spark since. She is not with the guy she married any longer, but still there is nothing. There was that one night though.
Popular Guess: Edie Brickell for NB