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Thread: CDAN January 6th 2015 - The Bluff – Part Two

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    Default CDAN January 6th 2015 - The Bluff – Part Two

    Blind Item #1
    The family of this A- list mostly movie comic actor staged an intervention because his drug and booze use is out of control and they think he is going to kill himself if he doesn’t get help. Even though he is young, his health has been steadily declining this year and he gained about 50 pounds.
    Popular Guess: Jonah Hill

    Blind Item #2
    The wife of this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who may win an Oscar this year says they still have not consummated their marriage. Well, they never had sex while they were dating so, I’m not sure what she expected.
    Popular Guess: Eddie Redmayne

    Blind Item #3
    This still barely hanging on to A list foreign born singer found out over the holidays that her cheating significant other got another woman pregnant. Maybe our singer will finally have some material for a new record instead of buying songs that include her getting a songwriting credit because she has been having writer’s block.
    Popular Guess: Adele

    Blind Item #4
    This former A list mostly television actor who has also starred in movies is old. He is also trying to spin a story to make himself look better by telling friends that he discovered his actress wife was having an affair with the at the time A+ list mostly movie actor who broke up their marriage once before.
    Popular Guess: Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty

    Blind Item #5
    This B- list celebrity/talk show host/part-time actor with one of the most quoted lines in movie history is being investigated for having sex with minors he found on the internet. He claims it was for research and that he never actually had sex with them.
    Popular Guess: Ben Stein

    Blind Item #6
    I’m not sure how this B list singer from a celebrity family who has had a career for decades and has pretty much been tabloid fodder the entire time is even alive, let alone function with the amount of OxyContin she takes everyday. She must have four or five doctors she sees each week. I’m not sure how she finds the time to sing.
    Popular Guess: Marie Osmond

    Blind Item #7
    This celebrity mom who has multiple celebrity offspring is married but she has been hooking up with a guy who helps manage the career of one of her offspring.

    Blind Item #8
    The “boyfriend” of this A+ list “singer” better be careful. He was heard bragging about the $25K bonus he got for Christmas for doing such a good job of being a boyfriend.
    Popular Guess: Britney Spears

    Today’s Blind Items- The Bluff – Part Two
    I tell her yes. I think we should give her a name because this might start to get confusing. Normally I give some initials that give a clue to the identity of the person and I want to do that here, but also want her to be really curious why I picked them. I actually think I gave her initials way back in the day, but I am now bestowing the initials GG to her. As for the crush, let’s call her SH. So, the night before the show I was out with some friends and as I am apt to do I started drinking. I then continued drinking and then drank some more. At some point in the evening we are sitting in the bar of a restaurant where you are right in the middle of all the diners and not pushed off to the side. I look over and seated at the table is SH. Yep. Right there eating dinner with a guy. I can’t tell if it is a date or not but they do seem to be getting along well and I don’t recognize him so I’m guessing he is not her manager or agent or someone from her record label. I’m not sure she even had a record label at that point. I think about going up to her and saying something, but I hold back. There was something inside me that told me not to go and also the barstools are pretty high there and I was pretty sure I was only going to be able to get down once from them. I was crushed though.

    I slept in really late the next day and GG showed up around noon. I had forgotten to call her the night before to tell her I didn’t feel like going any longer after what I had seen. So, of course she shows up and is so f**king perky and ready to go. I swear she wakes up every single day like it is the last day ever and is incredibly happy and very sunshiney which is nice sometimes but after an all night bender and watching your crush and possible future date eating dinner with a guy, the perkiness can only be cured with one method. Drinking. GG doesn’t drink that much so it is always fun to see the look on her face when I start drinking cocktails at noon. I actually only had the one and it made me feel much better. She had come over so early because she wanted to go to lunch so we went but I told her that I didn’t want to go that night which was met with deaf ears. When GG makes plans, they are rock solid and never change and she expects the same. Other people may call and cancel or back out, but she never has. I remember way back in the day in high school when some guy tried to stand her up and she went to his house and told him off in front of his parents. I had been hoping she would just want to hang out and not necessarily go to the show but she had told a couple of people she would be there which meant of course she was going to be there.

    It was one of those nights where you have the lowest of expectations because you don’t even want to be there. My idea that night was just to get through the night and try to have as much fun as I could. My original plan had been to show up around sound check time and get what I needed to get and then head out and eat some dinner and then come back about an hour before show time to hit the backstage bar. When you show up at sound check time the pace is slower. If there are issues with your name being on the list it is easier to get them solved and not be embarrassed when the show is about to start and you are with your friends and get denied.

    The same kind of thing used to work for me when I was underage and wanted to get into clubs. There was one club that opened at 4pm to get the after work crowd and my friends and I would show up around that time and get our hand stamped without any fuss or muss or any checking of identification. We would then go home and get ready and not smudge that stamp. Around 10pm we would go back to the club which by now would have a line of people waiting to get in and guys at the door with flashlights checking every i.d and we would show the stamp on our hands and walk right by.

    Mr. X Blind Item – CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What B-list singer/celeb spawn’s feud with that B/C-list actress and “wife” to a former A-list actor stems from an incident back in the day when she caught the actress in bed with her first husband doing the horizontal mambo? The singer physically dragged the actress out of the bed and beat the snot out of her. Needless to say, her marriage was never the same and the beating was kept out of the tabloids.

    Mr.X Blind Item #2 – CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What A-list actor is a big fan of the open marriage idea and recently got back with his longtime boyfriend (also an actor) even though ? Don’t worry, his “wife” has her girlfriend on the side too.

    Mr. X Blind Item #3 – CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
    What former A+ list songstress purposely didn’t lose any of the baby weight because she’s been in talks to be the new celeb face of Weight Watchers?
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    #4. Don't think he can make himself look better.
    #7. Cris
    #8. They all do that and even if they didn't, we know they all get paid.
    Mr. X #2: Will and Jada
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post


    "Tão estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguém suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
    Caio Fernando Abreu

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    MrX3 - Xtina.
    FUCK YOU AND GIVE ME MY GODDAMN VENTI TWO PUMP LIGHT WHIP MOCHA YOU COCKSUCKING WHORE BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH. I just get unpleasant in my car. - Deej Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

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    Am I the only finding these multi-part long blind items completely boring and not worth reading? I appreciate them being posted, but CDAN should stop with these long, drawn out stories with little payoff.
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    ^No, you're not the only one and it's obvious it's just an exercise in ego masturbation, that's why it's unnecessarily drawn out. "Oh look at the celebrities I knew, places I could get into" memory lane wank. He's not as interesting as he seems to think he is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    Eddie pings off the charts.

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