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Thread: CDAN January 3rd 2015 - 13 Blind Items

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    Default CDAN January 3rd 2015 - 13 Blind Items

    Blind Item #1
    This B list mostly television actress who just ended a hit pay cable show really dropped the ball recently when it came to her bearded relationship. She had a little talk though with this A- list reality star from an A list franchise who is tired of guys wanting to actually have sex with her even when they are 100 but would love the attention and money so look for there to be a switch of women in the next two months. Sooner if things donít work out well professionally for the male.
    Popular Guess: Olivia Munn and Padma Lakshmi

    Blind Item #2
    This B- list reality star/celebrity who is much more known for her two exes is starting to age and was losing the battle for men the other night in Vegas so she decided to take it up a notch and started dancing topless until men started paying attention to her. Iím sure her kids must be proud.
    Popular Guess: Shanna Moakler

    Blind Item #3
    This A+ list diva took two hours to get ready to get her photo taken in ski attire and then when she finally did get her photo taken she passed over her kids to others and she went back inside. The diva needs rehab. Badly.
    Popular Guess: Mariah Carey

    Blind Item #4
    The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor who has been in this space for her horrid behavior towards others is apparently gunning for some fame of her own. She is tired of everyone else having a show and wants some attention so she has been calling the paps and then ďaccidentallyĒ losing her bikini top just as they arrive. I guess that is the only way she expects to be noticed.
    Popular Guess: Mark Wahlberg's Wife Rhea Durham

    Blind Item #5
    His assistants and makeup people call it chapstick. He calls it moisturizer. No one is allowed to call it lipstick but that is what it is and this A list everything except for talk show host (which ended horribly) and actor is always applying it to his lips. It used to be just on camera but now he thinks it gives him such great color he wears it all the time and goes through two tubes of it a day.

    Blind Item #6
    The people working for this foreign born A- list mostly television actor who everyone thinks is gorgeous have been working overtime to find and delete images of his girlfriend from various escort and ďmodelingĒ sites where her services were offered to very wealthy men.
    Popular Guess: Benedict Cumberbatch

    Blind Item #7
    These two former A list reality stars who everyone hated are so broke they commuted hundreds of miles each day to make it appear they were playing and partying with the rich and famous. Nope. Staying in a basement and then driving several hours to get their photos taken each day.
    Popular Guess: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

    Blind Item #8
    Paris Hilton had to pony up some dough after her a-hole celebrity guest (who did have one of the better phrases in gossip history to describe someone) got wasted and pulled a television off a wall and then smashed it on the ground because he didnít like what it was showing.
    Popular Guess: Greasy Bear

    Blind Item #9
    This A list talk show host/former actor always treats his wife like crap, but lately it has been getting worse. He insisted she get paid for her appearance at a party with him but he didnít tell her she was getting paid and pocketed her money too. A check had been made out to her, but he had them change it to his name.
    Popular Guess: Mario Lopez

    Blind Item #10
    This A list mostly movie actress who has been caught up in some controversy the past two weeks is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She also bailed on an event for her movie because she thought it would be sending a horrible impression to be there while another guest was there who has a very public criminal record.
    Popular Guess: Amy Adams and David O. Russell

    Blind Item #11
    This celebrity sibling who probably has the best business in her family of music entertainers (of which she is not one) asked for $25K to attend a charity event. Does anyone do anything for free? All they wanted her to do was show up. Nothing else.
    Popular Guess: Charlotte Ronson

    Blind Item #12
    This B+ list reality star from that A list reality family is already trying to find a new owner for a pet she was given a few days ago. She decided after the fact she didnít want it.
    Popular Guess: Kylie Jenner

    Blind Item #13
    This A+ list singer had a vacation planned with her bff for this upcoming week. Not going to happen. Apparently they do not even text or call or communicate any longer and there are some very crushed feelings on the part of the bff. The singer is being very very cold about the whole situation and says nothing comes before the brand.
    Popular Guess: Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

    blind item ‚Äď CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS
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    5. Wayne Brady?

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    you physically can't go through 2 tubes of lipbalm a day unless you're eating the stuff.

    i don't buy cumberbatch for #6 because the gf is posh and went to oxford and hardly needs the money.
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    #2 .. Oh gawd.. put them AWAY you silly bitch!

    #3.. Yep Mariah looked absolutely blotto in the Aspen photos.. But to treat her kids as accessories so she can go an be a boozehound is bloody terrible .. mind you, any person (*cough Kimbo Kardashian cough*) who treat their kids the same way (as accessories or props) then shove them away as the cameras leave.. pisses me right off!

    #4.. Oh great, so Rhea is as much of an asshole as her dickhead husband.. Marky Mark.. .

    #7.. Ahhhh so that explains the photo's of them in Aspen... My gawd.. how pathetic is that.. hahaha..

    #8.. Those two (Paris and Greasy Bear) are both revolting specimens that need to be flushed down the toilet!

    #12.. Whoever this is (Kylie Jenner doesn't surprise me), what a disgusting human being .. i just hope that the pet goes to a loving home.

    #13.. Swifty strikes me a nasty, manipulative, control freak.. so this isn't surprising news at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    you physically can't go through 2 tubes of lipbalm a day unless you're eating the stuff.
    That's what I was thinking. WTF is he doing with the lippie? Bathing in it?!

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